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Yuyuko in Fan Culture

  • Following Imperishable Night, Yuyuko became famous as a "hungry ghost" due to several "gluttonous" lines uttered during her scenario. She is often depicted in doujinshi as having an immense appetite and/or attempting to eat other characters, most notably Mystia and Youmu's ghost-half.
  • Also, she is sometimes thought to be fat by several fans.
  • The symbol on Yuyuko's hitaikakushi resembles the Sega Dreamcast logo. Many fanworks make fun of this.
  • She is sometimes depicted in fan-works as having had brown or black hair when she was alive. This is because her Perfect Memento in Strict Sense entry mentions that she is said to have lighter hair color and skin tone since then.
  • It is never stated exactly how she committed suicide but some fan works often show her committing suicide with a knife, such as the work True Blossom.

Fan Work Featuring Yuyuko

Yuyuko's suicide

Yuyuko's supposed but likely suicide

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