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Fun Facts

  • YuugenMagan's name means 'Deep Magic Eye'.
  • If you look at the center, you can almost see a character in a kimono in the area where YuugenMagan's "energy" meets.
  • The kanji for the name of one of Yukari's spell cards in Touhou Hisoutensouku (Demon's Eye "Laplace's Demon") is nearly identical to this character's name (compare 魔眼「ラプラスの魔」 of Yukari's spellcard to 幽玄魔眼(ゆうげんまがん), note the two characters before the parenthesis/bracket in both). Furthermore, it is an attack that summons multiple floating phantasmal eyes to attack the enemy, making it possible that this is a reference of some sort to YuugenMagan.
  • She and Mima share the same theme, "Angel's Legend".

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