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Official Themes

PCB Phantasm Stage Boss - Yukari Yakumo's Theme - Necrofantasia05:32

PCB Phantasm Stage Boss - Yukari Yakumo's Theme - Necrofantasia

Arranges and Remixes

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Necrofantasia : Rock remix by dBu
Necrofantasia : Rock remix by Ezel-Ash
Necrofantasia : Piano arrangement by kkcwkoh
Necrofantasia : Rock remix by Demetori
Necrofantasia : Electronic remix.
Necrofantasia : Vocal remix by Redalice / Alstroemeria Records.
Necrofantasia : Vocal remix by Senya / Autobahn.
Necrofantasia : Techno remix by ALiCE'S EMOTiON.
Necrofantasia : Rock remix by Dark PHOENiX.
Necrofantasia : Vocal arrangement by SYNC.ART'S.
Necrofantasia : Vocal arrange by TatshMusicCircle
Necrofantasia : Rock remix by Sonic Highspeed Omega
Necrofantasia : Remix by EastNewSound.
Necrofantasia : Vocal arrange by Silver Forest (As well as another version of the same name)
Necrofantasia : Vocal arrange by Tim Vegas
Necrofantasia : Vocal arrange by ichigo
Necrofantasia : Vocal arrange by Yuuhei Satellite
Night Falls ~ Evening Star : Arrangement by PHOENiX Project.
Night Falls ~ Evening Star : Vocal arrange by SOUND HOLIC.

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