Myon 東方 Touhou Piano 127

Probably have typos in this one. Point them out if you find them please.

Well, I simply could not resist but write another story even though this is my third consecutive one. I just got an idea and it expanded. This story revolves around Youmu (obviously) and her former father and teacher, Youki. The scenario is outdoors at night and cherry petals were floating silently to the floor- At the beginning I can imagine Youmu facing her father. Her father had his back turned to her~

"Why...?" Youmu demanded. Her voice quavered with uncertainty. The horror and confusion she felt was well apparent in the tone of her voice... Tears welled up in Youmu's eyes.

At her father's feet lay a bloodied figure...

Her father said nothing in response. He simply stared at his feet. In his right hand he held a sword... streaks of crimson liquid dripped from the tip, splattering soundlessly against the floor. Moonlight shined on it, illuminating the freshly spilt blood.

0:22; "Why!?" Youmu's grief was quickly replaced with burning anger. She shook her head as if denying it. As if denying it all... Tears were streaming down her face.

Her father did not turn around. He continued to stare at the ground.

"Youmu..." He whispered quietly "...I'm sorry..."

"Why Father!?" Youmu's voice cracked as her emotions burst out "Why!? Mo...Mother... You killed her!"

Youki turned around and stared straight into Youmu’s eyes. His eyes were impassive. His voice flared with anger of his own.

0:46; "Foolish Child! Why do you think!? Because it was necessary!"

"Necessary?! You... you..." Youmu's anger intensified; she suddenly found it hard to see... It was as if the raw emotion had blinded her, it was as if she had taken over. Her body twitched as burning anger pulsed through her veins. She grabbed at her throbbing face with one hand.

"You will die!" She screamed as she ripped her dual swords from their sheaths.

1:10; Her father said nothing, he simply stared emotionlessly at his daughter. Then slowly, he brought his arm up. He pointed his sword, still stained with the blood of his wife, at Youmu...

Youmu stared mindlessly at the sword of her father. She watched as the blood of her mother dripped onto the floor. Inside of her, it continued to build up, the demon inside of her screamed to be free of its confinement.

1:25; She simply snapped. She screamed with murderous intent as she rushed towards Youki. She brought her swords down with incredible strength. He blocked it and sparks flew as they locked swords. Youmu stared into her father's unyielding face. Youki stared back into the eyes of an uncontained demon.

1:37; Youki broke the lock, deflecting Youmu's twin blades to the side. Youmu staggered a couple feet before drawing her arm back. She tensed and spun, swinging her sword with violent intent. Youki brought up his sword at the last moment and the two swords collided in front of his face. Youmu drew back her other arm and jabbed at his abdomen. He side-stepped and the sword sliced through the air harmlessly. Youmu fell through the air and onto the floor.

She had fallen onto her mother's corpse… Youmu stared down at her mother's vacant eyes.

1:55;" Mother..."

2:00; Youmu erupted from the floor and rushed at her father blindly.

"YOU MONSTER! DIE! DIE! DIE!" Youmu screamed as she swung madly at Youki. He methodically blocked and parried the blows.

2:05; "Youmu... please stop..."

Youmu was exhausted. Sweat streamed down her face. She was breathed heavily. Her vision was blurred and her muscles burned from exertion. Her body protested against her as she raised her swords again. Her arms dropped back down limply.

"No... No! Not Yet!" Youmu yelled in her head.

2:27; With renewed vigor Youmu grunted as she raised her swords over her head. She rushed towards her father and brought down her swords fiercely. Youki side-stepped swiftly and the swords smashed harmlessly into the ground. Youmu continued to swing indiscriminately at her father. Youki stared at her daughter gone mad as he effortlessly dodged the attacks.

Youmu's chest heaved as she gasped for air. Her eyes began to water; all she could see of her father was a blurry outline. She fell to one knee leaning heavily on her sword. But she didn't give in.

2:50; Youmu ignored her body's cries and slowly got back onto her feet... She drew her swords back and continued to throw them futilely against her father. She screamed in a rage as she smashed the swords powerfully against his guard. Sparks flew as her blades crashed against her. She did not stop, she could not stop. She wanted to kill him. She wanted to slice out his throat; she wanted to see him suffer for what he did. Youmu slashed her swords in a frenzied storm against her father’s impenetrable guard.

Youmu thrust her sword at her father's face. He dodged quickly and grabbed Youmu's wrist. He forced her into the wall and pushed her down onto the floor. He placed his sword against her neck.

"Enough!" He yelled.

3:42+; Youmu looked into his eyes. Tears were streaming down his face... She stared at him. He was crying?

3:52; Youmu finally relented. She gave in, her tense body going slack. Her tears mingled with her sweat as she began sobbing uncontrollably.

"Mo-Mother..." She sobbed. She could hardly talk through her crying fit. "W-Why Dad? Why!? Why did you kill her?" Youmu looked into his eyes pleadingly.

4:18; Youki put down his sword and they both hugged each other tightly. Youmu wailed into his chest.

"I'm so sorry sweetie..." Youki held her firmly in his arms, tears of his own flowed freely from his eyes. "I'm so sorry... but I had to, I had to..."

"Why?!" Youmu wailed. Cherry blossoms floated to the ground silently as father hugged daughter and daughter hugged back.

4:34; Youki said nothing as he held Youmu tightly. He knew that he could no longer live here with her. He would have to leave...

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