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Sometimes, I would just be lying on my futon, after a hard day of sitting my kotatsu, and I would get this feeling that something is watching me, and maybe something is wrong. I'd always pass it off as some kind of disease from associating with youkai too much, or maybe Cirno rubbing off on me. One day, however. I woke up, and I got this feeling. The problem was, something did happen.

I turned into a fairy.

It sounds pretty ridiculous, I know. I was in shock, I tried everything I could to wake up. It didn't take me too long to realize that I really was awake, right when I was about to pour some boiling water over my head.

The body was quite weird to get used to. I wasn't too much shorter, but what really got in the way were my wings. No wonder Cirno sleeps on her stomach, it's impossible to sleep on your back with these. They feel like they're going to break right off.

I really wasn't sure what to do. Certainly, the planets could be aligned, the borders destroyed, and various other ailments. Regardless, I went screaming to the local magician. Who knows what she may have drugged my food with.

"MARISA! WHAT THE HELL DID YOU PUT IN MY FOOD THIS TIME!" I shouted, when I first reached her house. She always lived in the most run down place, a house covered in mold and plants, in that disgusting forest. She always picked those sickening mushrooms, I wonder what she did with them... Of course, around now, I was starting to realize that I just woke up her neighbor, Alice, and she had a small army of dolls after me. Being a fairy, I was small fry, and I was pretty easy to take down. I reincarnated pretty quickly, and around now, Marisa had gotten down and was opening the door.

I was shocked to see, that she too, was a fairy.

Now, I really don't know what to tell you. The shock of Marisa and I both randomly changing into fairies had me trying to wake up again, and it was pretty obvious from her pink streaked legs she was in the same state of shock I was. Thank the lord she didn't take a Master Spark to the face.

"Nice to see you're having a good day too, Reimu. I was up all night, not practicing magic at all, just making sure you didn't think I exerted myself, and right when I finally went to sleep, most definitely not exhausted from overexhaustion, it turned out I was a fairy. It's kinda fun though, I can make really loud buzzing noises!" Marisa wasn't too shocked, in the end. The pink streaks on her legs probably were from misfired magic... Still, she was making a REALLY irritating noise, so I shot a bullet at her. Man, that took a lot more effort than it used to.

"You're so irritating, Marisa. Why do you always have to take everything as it comes! What if you don't change back, and you never fire an annihilation of love again! What will you do!" I don't see why she wasn't so upset, it was quite beyond me, in the end. Of course, the next second, I was dodging a small laser to my face.

"Hah, you think I can't Master Spark? It's weaker, but it's easier to control now! I can certainly take down half of Gensokyo like this... Hey, I wonder how fast I am like this, the wings combined with the broom must give me a huge boost!" I was about to object to this stupid idea, but by the time I could, she was already on her broom flying. It wasn't long before she lost all control and fell off the broom. Clearly, the erratic flapping and the air currents and the straight path of the broom all combined horribly.

"You really need to think a little harder, that just wasn't a good idea. Well, regardless of whatever moronic ideas you have, we need to get to the bottom of this. We should check out the other humans first, though. Any ideas of who we should visit?" I wanted to get out of this predicament as fast as I could. I had this horrible idea that it was about to turn into a very comedic situation.

"Heyy, we should go over that lake! I want to rub my power, even when I'm a fairy, into Cirno's face!" Marisa always was mean. She loved to show off her power, especially to the weaker residents. I didn't object though, it would be a good way to test how far my power level went down.

"Well, let's go!" We took off fairly quickly, and were on the way to the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

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