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Main Profile

宮古 芳香 (みやこ よしか)

Yoshika Miyako

Yoshika Miyako - Ten Desires

Species Jiang Shi

Ability to eat (absorb) anything


Dead/Immortal (age is presently unknown)


Dream Palace Great Mausoleum Guard


Myouren Temple Cemetery

During Ten Desires, Yoshika Miyako attempts to stop the heroine from entering the mausoleum. It reveals she is Seiga's servant.

Yoshika is not very smart, but she is loyal to her master, Seiga. Because she is a Jiang Shi, she lacks the flexibility and agility of a normal human. Her half-rotted brain causes this problem. Despite being a sort of zombie, she takes good care of her skin.

As Seiga's servant, Yoshika assists her during the battle between Seiga and the heroine.

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