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Double Dealing Character

A pair of tsukumogami, each created from a traditional musical instrument.

Benben plays the part of the cool, grown-up older sister, and Yatsuhashi plays the part of the hot- blooded, reckless younger sister.

They're said to be sisters, but it's just because they became tsukumogami at the same time.

They're not blood relatives. They realized that the source of their power was the upside-down castle floating in the sky, and set their sights there.

Their goal was to conquer the world with their fellow tools.

Socıal upheaval, in other words.

They dreamed of an utopia where tools could move freely, and display their abilities to the fullest.

However, that dream was prevented by Reimu and company.

They still didn't give up, though.

When they realized that their thoughts had been influenced by the Lucky Mallet's magic, they tried using incantations to replace their power with a different magic power.

The two learned that the source of their power was the magical power of the Lucky Mallet.

What were they going to do? At this rate they would return back to being mere tools.

A hand of salvation reached out to this panicking pair.

It was the tsukumogami of a percussion instrument that they had never seen before.

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