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Fun Facts

  • Her family name comes from "tsukumogami". Her personal name is derived from the most famous koto player in Japanese history, "Kengyou Yatsuhashi" (八橋検校); Yatsuhashi is a family name, and "kengyou" is a rank of official servants who play instruments. The motif of hers might be derived from a tsukumogami of koto "Kotofurunushi" (琴古主).
  • She and Benben Tsukumo shares the same ability (making music of their own), like Cirno and Letty Whiterock who shares one ability (Ability to Manipulate cold/chill, even their level is different.)
  • Yatsuhashi and her sister are currently the only characters who both appear as midbosses at the same time.
  • The wood of Yatsuhashi's koto has burned away due to her intense recitals setting the koto on fire.
  • There are 8 musicians in Gensokyo. Yatsuhashi is one of them.

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