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Imperishable Night Demo - おまけ.txt

Wriggle Nightbug

First stage boss. A youkai firefly. Possesses the ability to control other insects.

Certain insects have poison. If she controls something like a horde of poisonous mites (*), humans can do nothing against her. May be stronger than you think.

(*) "恙虫" (tsutsugamushi) = trombiculid mite

Imperishable Night - キャラ設定.txt

Stage 1 Boss, a Bug of Light Wriggling in the Dark

Wriggle Nightbug

Species: Youkai Insect
Abilities: Manipulate insects

Stage 1 Boss.

Insects gather around her. Even a huge swarm of fireflies can perform their flashing with timed synchronization. That is actually because there is a commander like her within them.

Those who carelessly regard her as a mere insect will be easy victims to the swarm of insects. When Wriggle is upset and serious, she summons a swarm of poisonous mites which carry deadly fever to humans.

She can't stand cold or insecticide.

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