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Fun Facts

  • Wriggle's appearance and name are both quite androgynous compared to other characters, so it used to be a point of some contention whether Wriggle was a male or female character before the release of full version, her wearing pants certainly didn't help either.
  • According to an interview with ZUN, Wriggle could have made an appearance in Touhou Hisoutensoku, however, due to a lack of time, she was removed.
  • In Imperishable Night, the player can go up to the top of the screen and focus to collect items without being at full power (the Magic Team doesn't even have to focus to do this). For beginning players, sometimes they would be caught off guard in the middle of stage 1 trying to collect point items and lose a life due to Wriggle coming from the top of the screen while the player is at the same location trying collecting point items. This sudden fly-in from Wriggle is sometimes referred to as the "Boot Sign: Wriggle Kick" in the fandom and is parodied in fanart and fangames such as Touhou Soccer and Touhoumon.
    • It could also be based off of several types of "kicks" in pop culture....(e.g: Dynamic Entry, Inuzama/Lightning Flash Kick, Shooting Star Kick, Flying Drill, Falcon Kick....). But most likely is obviously the Rider Kick.

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