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Wriggle in Fan Culture

  • The full version's official profile declared that she is in fact female. However, with lack of male presence in the series she is sometimes converted to male in R-rated fan-fiction, with both writer and readers being fully aware that she is officially a girl. Additionally, she is often made fun of in fan comics as being a crossdresser--either as a girl that dresses like a boy or actually being a boy who's just pretending to be a girl. Wriggle became more popular because of being depicted as a male character while pairing with any various female characters.
  • Due to insects being near the very bottom of the food chain, Wriggle is sometimes portrayed as "food" in some fan comics. Especially food for Yamame Kurodani, a spider youkai, or for Mystia Lorelei, a night sparrow (who in turn is food for Yuyuko Saigyouji, a glutton).
  • In fan works, she is often seen with other lower level, childish characters such as Cirno, Rumia, and Mystia. She is occasionally called or labelled "G" (short for gokiburi, or cockroach).
  • A common nickname for Wriggle is 「りぐるん」 or "Rigurun" similar in style to "Yukarin" for "Yukari."
  • Pairings of her with Yuuka have become common. This could be because bugs pollinate flowers, they have similar hairstyles, or maybe ANGELTYPE is to blame.

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