As the night got later, the blood red moon started to get darker and redder. Momizi Inubashiri, the White Wolf Tengu and subordinate of Aya Shameimaru, had once again got dragged in to Aya's trouble.
"W-wait. Yo-you can't do that!" Momizi said
"I can't? Why don't you give me four reasons why I can't" Sakuya replied coldly.
Momizi flinched, but was able to retort.
"We-Well for one thing, we didn't do anything wrong. Two, w-we were only speaking our opinions and telling everyone what we think.Th-three, we have the right to freedom of post and speech. And four, you don't hav-have any right to make us work for you. We could su-sue you, you kn-"
Sakuya kicked Momizi in the stomach with an inhuman force and impact caused her to fly back and crash into a rock.
"Momi!" Aya screamed and turn to Sakuya,"What are yo-"
Sakuya punched Aya in the stomach. Aya gasped for air and dropped to her knees.
"Trash like you are the reason why I'm always busy and never get a rest." She said cruelly.
Sakuya walked over to Momizi, her eyes glowing red, and picked the wolf Tengu by her neck.
Momizi struggle to get free.
"W-what are-" She struggled
A evil grin swept over Sakuya's face and she tighten her grip.
"Trash must be eliminated and destroyed."
"A-a-....Plea...sto...p..." Momizi gasped as Sakuya tighten her grip even more.
Then a gust of wind blew toward the maid, causing her to release Momizi. Aya caught flew to her and caught her subordinate.
"Momi! Are you alright?" Aya asked.
"M...miss Aya, tha-thank you." Momi said.
"Lets get out of here! That maid has gone mad."
As Aya and Momizi tried to run away, Sakuya started to laugh manically. Her laugh chilled the two to the back of their spine.
"Useless trash. You can not escape from me!" the maid said.
"What is wrong with her? It seem she finally lost it!" Aya implied.
Sakuya vanish.
"L...look! she's gone!"
"Who cares! We have to get out of here pronto!"
A knife stabbed Aya's right leg and caused her to fell along with Momizi.
Aya held her leg in pain.
"Ow! What the-" she said painfully
"Mi...Miss Aya!"
Sakuya appeared in front of the two tengu. Momizi drew out her sword.
"W...why are you doing this! W-we already apologized why are you hurting us?!" She said in a mixed tone of both anger and fear.
Sakuya Smirked, her eyes glowing blood red.
A knife flew past Momizi's arm, grazing but left a deep cut, caused her to drop her blade.
"I have no reason to talk to trash" Sakuya said as she kicked Momizi causing her to fly back next to Aya.
"Now perish."
The tengu were then surrounded by knives which were aimed and ready to fly toward them. Sakuya laugh manically and gave the signal for the knives to move. Momizi shield Aya's body as a when the barrage of knives were just about to impale the two.
"Momi!" Aya cried.
The knives were let loose and flew toward the them but then when it was about to hit their target it froze. Sakuya's face turned pale and she dropped to her knees, holding her head.
"A....ahhh...My head..." She said painfully.
The two tengus opened their eyes and saw the maid in pain.
"W..What's ha...happening to her?" Momizi asked
"Who care's Momi, but nows our chance!" Aya replied
"Ar...are we going to counterattack?"
"No, you dummy! This would be perfect story for our newpaper!"
"I can see it now!Breaking news!Aya Shameimaru (and her helper), wiped the floor with the out of control Scarlet Devil maid. Gensokyo was saved thanks to her (and helper)!"
"Mi..miss Aya..."
"It'll be our next best story! I'm a genius Momi! Hahahahaha!!!"
"I th...think we should focus on getting ou...out of here right now."
"You never were much of a helper you know that Momi. We have a chance now to get a great story and you're thinking about running away? Shame on you!"
"We...Well at least I'm thinking ab...about our lives!"
"What are you talking about?! You know getting stories are more important than our liv-"
Sakuya unleashed a bloodthirsty and painful cry, causing the two tengu to jump.
"On second thought..." Aya said.
Sakuya howled in pain and ran away from sight.
The girls watched silently as the maid disappear from their sight.
Aya broke the silence.
"Well, looks like I solved that problem."
Momizi glared at her.
"Okay,okay."We" solved that problem. Now, what say we go to Mystia's and drink until we forget what happen. What do you say? Eh?"
Momizi,could not contain her rage any longer,exploded.
"Okay! Calm down! It's not like we actually died or anything so why you getting so angry for? Besides, it's not like you're paying for the drinks."
"Ye...yes I am. You're going to run aw...away after you had enough make me for all the drinks, you always do." "Whatever. Let's go"

Aya stand up, only to fall down and started screaming in pain while holding her right leg.
"Ooow! I forgot that I got stabbed. I can't even walk now." She complained, and turned to Momizi with a grin.
"Wa...wait what? I'm not ca...carrying you! Can't you"
"Well I could but I'm still injured. Besides I saved your doggy behind so move it!"
Momizi sighed.
"I...if it wasn't for that pro...promise I made, I would have been free and happy." She said as she hosted Aya onto her back.She grunted and struggle to hold her friend up."Mi...miss Aya, you got to stop ea...eating so much..."
"How rude. Either do it without complaining or don't do it at all."
"You say that but you're still making me carry you" Momizi said under her breath.
"Now! To Mystia's stand! March!" Aya commended and slapped Momizi butt. The wolf tengu jumped.
"I...I'm not your horse! Do...don't do that!!"
"Whatever! Now move already."
Momizi grunted and started to move. After a few steps, Momizi stopped and dropped Aya on the drop with a thump.
"Ow, Momi why did you do that? Geez, what is wrong with you?" Aya said while rubbing her sore behind.
Momizi fell to her knees and grabbed her head. Aya noticed and went over to her.
"Momi, what’s wrong?"
"My" she said painfully.
"What are you doing? Get a hold of yourself!"
"St...stay away...I...I can't..."
She swung her arm and knocked Aya back away from her.
"Momi! What is wrong with you!?"
"!" Momizi cried.
From a distance came sound of a bell from a clock tower. It rang marking that it was midnight. It inaudible at first but it soon grew louder and louder until even the two tengus can hear it.
Upon hearing the bell Momizi screamed in pain while holding her head. Her eyes began to turn blood red and her fangs grew.
“What's going on?" Aya asked in fear.
She watched as her friend fell to the ground with all four in pain. Momizi’s nails grew until they became claws and she grew larger by the minute until her clothes were shredded. After her transformation she got up on two feet and howled at the moon, a bone chilling howl of anger, despair and pain. Aya struggle to get up but because of the wound from the knife she winced in pain and could not fully stand. She tried to get closer to her friend who was whimpering, like a dog who had been thrown out of its home.
“Momi….” Aya said nervously, reaching out to touch her friend.
Momizi jolted and slash at her like a wild animal. Aya’s jumped back and fell.
A dark red liquid gusted out of her chest.
“Wha…”She said dumbstruck as held her chest painfully. She looked down at her hand, covered in blood and coughed.
More blood gusted out. Aya entire body fell on to the ground while clasping her chest. The last thing she was able to see was Momizi standing in front of her, blood dripping from her claws and eyes glowing deep red, and the blood red moon which seemed to be hovering over her friend, like it was controlling her. It may have been because of her wound but she swore she could see a grin on the tainted moon. A evil grin, one of like a death god, taunting her,laughing at her pain and despair.
“Mo...mi....” Aya blacked out.

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