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"Oh, geez."

I looked with dismay at my room, now in complete disarray. Half the drawers were open and spilling their contents out onto the rug. My closet was empty, with everything it was storing around or on the bed. The ornamental katana I kept near my computer was somehow wedged in the doorframe so that it formed an effective tripwire for anyone who wasn't careful. I shouted at my brother, who had obviously made this mess.

"Hey! When you said you were going to search for 'something' in my room, did you say you were going to ransack the damn place too?!"

No one answered my voice.

Great, I'm home alone. I need a drink if I'm going to clean this up myself.

I caught a faint scent of cologne as I left to the kitchen, which confirmed that he was indeed the one who practically destroyed my room. Cursing my brother silently, I poured some sake from the fridge into a small cup and drank it like a shot of whiskey. Then, I started back to the big mess I had to clean up.

Stupid, stupid, stupid... why can't he do things like normal people do? It'd save me a lot of trouble everyday...

As I entered my room, still caught up in my thoughts, my foot got caught on something and I felt myself starting to fall forward.

Oh, shit! The sword!

I threw my other foot forward in an attempt to save myself, but it got caught too. I hit the floor and blacked out. Or at least I think I did. There was no impact and I couldn't tell if my eyes were open or closed. And I was still thinking.

What the hell?

Then, I saw a flash of textured brown, almost like dirt, and heard a thud as I felt a sharp pain before I stopped thinking.

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