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An hour of flying was all it took to go from the shrine to the mansion. However, it was the longest hour of my life.


I was scared to death since the only thing keeping me in the air was Remilia's hand. My feet were dangling in mid-air with nothing to catch me but the ground several hundred feet below. Even the trees were too short to reach us at this altitude. Apparently, she drew great pleasure in scaring me and flew even higher into the sky.

Somehow, I didn't have a heart attack before landing, which, by the way, was just as scary. Remilia had dropped towards the ground much more quickly than I expected and I had ended up rolling several times after letting go and hitting the floor. She, however, had swooped upwards before hiting the ground and landed lightly.

I met a good portion mansion staff including Meiling, the door guard, Sakuya, the head maid, and Patchouli, the unofficial librarian. I wondered if I would meet Remilia's sister, Flandre, as well by the end of my stay and hoped against it. The talisman Reimu gave me would probably do nothing against her. And so I spent two days in relative peace with Sakuya constantly complaining right in front of me on how much extra work I created, Meiling constantly forgeting who I was when I left the mansion for some exercise, and Patchouli conveniently ignoring me whenever I decided to read. I rarely saw Remilia, probably because she was usually nocturnal. Most of my time was spent reading the insane amount of books in the dusty library. Many that I found were spellbooks. Totally useless to me. I took the fictional books instead and left the library. It was too dusty and stuffy for me. The times I weren't reading I speculated on what would endanger me life next. From my experiece, nothing was ever peaceful for long in Gensokyo. And I was proven right on the third day. A witch dressed in black was in the library that day complete with a wide-brimmed hat and broom.

It was most definately Marisa. And knowing her, she probably broke into the mansion. She was looking around and taking books at random and had a giant stack in a large bag already when I saw her.

"Hey! You in the strange clothing! Help me with these!"

She acted like she belonged in here, stealing books and I felt like I had done something wrong just by seeing her. And she was the first person to point out that I dressed strangely by Gensokyo standards.

"Not even if you said please."

"Aren't you one of the people who work here? You should be helping the guests."

Marisa was attempting to move about 50 books at once while she tried to make me help. I just watched and wondered when Patchouli or Sakuya would notice.

"I'm a guest of Remilia's. You... are most definately not."

I wondered if I should actually get someone instead of waiting. But that wouldn't help me much. I'd just end up in the middle of yet another battle.

"Oh, well if that's the case, help me or I'll blast you with magic."

It took about 30 minutes for us to drag the books to the hallway. Oh, and by us I mean me. With the threat of a Master Spark keeping me in check, she took the opportunity to just relax. On the bag I was dragging.

"Hurry up. You're really slow."

"Just as a question, how do you plan to take these back to your house?"

Marisa opened her mouth, no doubt to remark on how stupid my question was when we both heard someone yell, "Hey! What are you doing back here again?! And why are you helping her?"

Great... the last thing I needed was to be caught helping a thief...

We turned around and behind us was Sakuya with an empty platter with her hand still on the usually locked door to the cellar. Probably just fed Flandre or something.

"You two need to be punished!"

Sakuya dropped the platter and took some knives out of nowhere. I thought that maybe Marisa would fight Sakuya but apparently she had a different idea on what was going to happen.

"Well, I'll leave her to you."

And she ran off, leaving me with life and death situation in my hands. But you should have expected that by now. Unfortunately, I forgot that Sakuya's specialty was stopping time so the moment I started running in the opposite direction, she was there already several feet ahead of me, along with several knives suspended in midair.

"You didn't think I'd let you go that easily did you?"

The knives flew forward right at my heart and I was forced to dodge to the side. I flattened myself against the hallway walls as they flew by. I reached into my pocket in hopes if finding something, anything, that would improve my dismal condition and found... the talisman Reimu gave me. How did she say to use it? Just throw it at the target? Well anything was worth trying now.

"Take this!"

I threw the ornately drawn piece of paper at Sakuya and... we both stared at it. The talisman just fluttered to the ground after going a few feet from my hands.

Any time now... I think

Sakuya threw more knives into the air which changed direction suddenly and flew at me again. I dropped to the ground and they flew over my head.

Reimu lied to me! That stupid piece of paper is worthless!

And I decided to run again. I got up as quickly as possible, turned around and saw Sakuya, already in front of me again.

"I don't know what you were trying to do with that paper, but now you lose. Maid Secret Skill 'Killing Doll'!"

She jumped up and a sphere of 1000 knives appeared around her which suddenly changed direction randomly. They were even reflecting off of the ceiling, walls, and floor of the hallway. I could see no way through, but...

"Love Sign 'Master Spark'!"

A giant white laser directed downward blasted through the side of the ceiling and into the still airborne maid, causing all the knives to be disintegrated. The energy pouring into ground caused the earth to rumble. When my eyes readjusted to the light, since the Master Spark was really bright, I saw Marisa floating on her broom with an evil looking grin on her face.

"Forgot my books."

"How the heck do you forget about the books?"

Marisa flew through the hole her Master Spark had created and landed next to the defeated Sakuya, who was lying face down in a large crater. As she replied to my question, she poked Sakuya a bit with her broom, "I dunno... I'm usually the one dragging them around so I guess I forgot when I wasn't dragging them..."

"That sounds like a made-up excuse."

"Yeah, probably."


Okay then, I guess I'll just ignore that last 30 seconds of talking.

"Well it looks like she's still alive. That means you get to carry my books again. Just get them outside and it should be fine."

It didn't take much longer to get the books out but it sure was exhausting. As soon as we got out, Marisa started to tie the sack to her broom. I sat down to rest and watched for about a minute before I realized what was wrong with this scene.

"Wait a minute, why didn't you just use the broom to take the books out in the first place? You wouldn't have needed to make me help and you could have avoided Sakuya."

As she finished tying up the last knots to secure the sack, she replied, "Because, it messes with the steering if there's more weight. You don't think I haven't thought of that before? Last time I tried that, I ran into the walls and hurt myself."

She got onto her broom and looked back at me.

"You need a ride? I'm sure you're not going to be Remi's guest any longer, now that Sakuya's caught you stealing books."

I wasn't stealing books... I was threatened to move already stolen books...

"I guess I should get out of here as soon as possible, huh? Yeah, I guess I'll ride with you."

I wished that there were more room on Marisa's broom. I really did. Since the broom handle could only fit one person, we had to find another way. I ended up sitting on the sack of stolen books. It was very uncomforatable since there was barely room to even sit. One book short and there probably wouldn't have been enough room. My feet were dangling in mid-air like the last time I flew with Remilia and I gripped the sack of books tightly to keep balance. I got a sudden sense of vertigo when I looked down and closed my eyes and shouted, "How far are we going?"

I had to yell to overcome to sound of the wind rushing past us. A barely audible Marisa replied, "Not too far, my house is only another 15 minutes away."

Please let me survive this flight for another 15 minutes... I held onto the sack of books more tightly.

The landing was more smooth with Marisa's broom than with Remilia. The broom hovered above the ground as I stepped onto the ground shakily feeling like throwing up. I looked around as Marisa dismounted and untied the sack. She had taken me to her house. It looked quite ordinary besides the fact that it was in a clearing in the middle of a forest. Through the windows I could see... a mess. Most of the mess were books but the other things were unidentifiable objects that looked either dangerous or useless. Marisa unlocked the front door and opened it to let me in.

"So, welcome to my home."

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