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Dinner was cold curry. It was probably cooked a while ago but it was still good. The bed I slept in for the night was actually an old futon in a corner, but at least it wasn't in the cold, on the hard dirt of the forest. Reimu, apparently not trusting me, set up plenty of barriers around my futon when I decided to go to sleep with some rather extreme reasons to do so, "How do I know that you're not a thief or a pervert or something? You should be thankful that I'm letting a complete stranger eat and sleep here."

So, not wanting to argue, I consented and fell asleep.

The next morning, the barriers were gone and Reimu was sitting outside drinking tea. I got up and walked outside, skipping breakfast like usual. Reimu turned around and smiled and I wondered why she was in such a good mood. Whatever it was, it didn't matter to me. I had to find a way to get back and hanging around at the shrine wasn't going to help.

"Well, I guess I better get going. Thanks for everything."

"Wait, you're leaving already?"

I was confused. Since when did she care who was leaving the shrine?

"Shouldn't you pay me back for all I've done for you? I think food, sleep, and uhh... your life is worth more than that money I didn't even recognize."

Oh, of course. She was going to sucker me into doing work for her. She did have a point but it was so obvious that she was trying to avoid working for herself.

"Oh, fine. What do I need to do to?"

Sometimes I think I'm too nice. She handed me a broom, still smiling "sweetly".

"Start sweeping. When you clean up the courtyard, I'll consider your debt paid back."

Since when did it become a debt?

The sun was past its highest point when something that broke the monotony of my job finally happened. Someone visited. She had light blue hair and wore a pinkish dress and a poofy cap which had suspicious red stains on them. She was also carrying a matching parasol. And she had bat wings.

Oh, man. It's Remilia. I hope Reimu doesn't let her bite me or something... she shouldn't... I hope...

"Hey, who are you?"

I sighed and turned from my work to face the newcomer. I'd rather work for another day than have an encounter with a vampire.

"Just a really unlucky person who Reimu kinda duped into doing her work."

"Oh... what's your blood type?"

What the... that's really random.

"...why would I tell a vampire my blood type?"

"Come on... telling me won't hurt you, will it?

Ugh, she whines like a little kid. Shouldn't living for several hundred years make someone more mature? "Fine. I'm type B."

"Ooo, my favorite. Too bad I already ate."

More information than I needed to know...

"Uhh... not bad for me, though. Please let me get back to work. You came to see Reimu, right?"

She shook her head and replied, "Not really. Just got bored sitting around in my mansion all day. There're only so many times I can see the head maid throw knives at the door guard. Talking to you isn't that interesting either. I guess I will see Reimu after all."

And she headed toward the shrine.

Gee. I guess vampires really are self-centered.

I had just gotten back to sweeping the grounds when someone yelled and all hell broke loose.

"You again!?"

And the vampire and the shrine maiden flew out of the shrine, magical energy flying in all directions, dissipating before they came within ten feet of the ground.

And I guess Reimu really doesn't want Remilia visiting the shrine...

About two seconds after the battle started, I realized that only the energy that Reimu attacked with had a limited range. Which meant that she didn't want to hit me with her magic or, more likely, she didn't want to damage her shrine. Remilia, on the other hand, had no qualms about hitting either.

"Scarlet Sign 'Scarlet Meister'!"

I had half a second to admire how beautiful three dimensional danmaku patterns were to the eye before I realized that a lot of the streams of red were heading towards me. So I did what any sensible person would do - run away... again (I was thinking about bombing though...). I took four steps and the stone behind me erupted. From up above, I heard the two shouting at each other.

"What are you doing?!"

"I know, I almost dropped my parasol and touched the sunlight when I activated that spellcard."

"No! You're destroying my shrine!"

I turned and saw Reimu weaving through an impossibly thick barrage. In another few seconds, the spellcard ran out of power and Reimu activated her own.

"You're asking for it! Spirit Sign 'Fantasy Orb'!"

A kaleidoscope of colors burst from both of her palms in a circle and accelerated forward at Remilia. Tracking projectiles being her opponents specialty, the vampire was hit by every single one of them. I watched as the winged girl fell out of the sky, through some trees, and onto the ground. Luckily for her, it was shady.

Geez, I think I'd rather be bored rather than be blasted with magic.

Reimu landed next to Remilia as I walked up as well.

"Well... do I have to clean this up, too?

Three people were at the lunch table today. I had finished my job (except for the giant crater Remilia made) an hour after the short but interesting battle. I was eating a small bowl of flavorless rice that Reimu made. Apparently, she wasn't a very good cook. I wondered who made the curry last night. Reimu was sitting around drinking tea as usual. In fact, I hadn't seen her ever without a teacup unless she was attacking something. She tried to act normally, but her body language said that she was really annoyed that the third person was still here. Remilia was eating at the table as well. She was also drinking "tea", though I really doubted that and the cake that she brought with her was suspiciously tinted red. I decided not to ask. I noticed something strange as I ate. Though she was the loser in the little match, Remilia did not look hurt in any way. I spent most of the lunch time wondering how magic killed without damaging the body.

Remilia broke the silence, "Why did you greet me with an attack?"

"Because everytime you come, something bad happens. This time, you blew a hole in my courtyard."

"That was your fault! You attacked first!"

"But I told you I don't like you to come here!"

I finished my rice and got up to leave.

"Where do you think you're going?"

"Somewhere that will have less risk of me getting hurt if you two decide to fight again."

And with that, I left the shrine and started down the steps to the forest. I'd rather take my chances in the forest than stay with two magic trigger happy people. Before I could leave though, I heard Reimu.

"Hey! Aren't you forgeting something?"

I thought for a moment. Was I forgeting something?

"Ummmm... no?"

"Are you that forgetful? I told you that I was going to talk to Yukari about her habit of creating boundries to random places in the outer world. And I can't get you back to where you belong if I can't find you afterwards, can I?"

"But it's winter... Yukari is hibernating right now and besides, do you even know where she lives?"

"Whatever, those are minor details. I can just ask for information from random people."

Right, you can just "ask" them. I'm sure you don't mean that you'll beat the info out of them.

"So if you're going to be out... that means I'm going to be alone here?"

"No, you might mess something up. Don't worry, I've got the whole thing figured out. You're going to stay at Remi's."

I stared blankly at her. She expects a vampire to let a human stay at her place without feeding off of it? Is she delusional?

"You seem to think that's a bad idea. Well, I'll know where you are the whole time and-"

"What about my health? I know she's a light eater but I'd prefer not to be bitten either way."

Reimu was unfazed, "I've got that figured out too. For your protection, I've created a talisman that requires no magical powers to wield. It's one use only but it has the power of a spellcard in it so there's a pretty good chance that if you have to use it, you won't be in danger anymore."

And with that she pulled out a rather ordinary-looking piece of paper with intricate patterns drawn on it with ink. It really didn't look that impressive except that it must have taken a lot of time to draw those symbols and designs.

"Uhhh... you sure this will work?"

She smiled and nodded.

"Absolutely. Just throw it in the general direction you want it to activate in."

Sounds like a bomb... I imagined a green box with a white B printed on each side exploding with danmaku patterns.

"Well since you put so much thought into this (where did you get the time?), I guess this is the best way... by the way, how did you get Remilia to agree with this?"

Remilia walked up to us with an annoyed expression on her face.

"She said she would pay back all the damage I did to her shrine if I didn't help..."

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