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  • Thanks to being half-fish, one of Marisa's dialogue and that one incident with Kagerou nearly eating her, most fanart of her depicts her as being preyed on by the rest of the cast.
  • Some fans believe that she may have been inspired by the blue-haired mermaid Megumi Yaobi from the fan-made Touhou game Marine Benefit, although unlike Wakasagihime, Megumi has an actual pair of legs.
  • Fans depict Wakasagihime and Kagerou to have a girlfriend and girlfriend relationship, sometimes when Kagerou tries to ask Wakasagihime in fanart she will freak out.
  • Western fans nicknamed her "Waggysaggy" or simply "Waggy" likely due to her name being difficult to pronounce or spell.
  • In the fan-made After Extra stage by yuke, taking place after the events of DDC, she's depicted starting another revolution. [Citation Needed]