Via unari

Via Unari (original look)

Via Unari is a motherly youkai that shows respect to everyone in Gensokyo.She has a good but a strong relationship with Rinnosuke Morichika.She is one the most strongest youkais ever lived that takes almost anything serious.Via mainly doesn't joke around when somebody plays around with her unless she is okay with it,(something a mother might act). Her house is hard to find.She lives in an area surrounded by cherry blossom trees.She doesn't tell anyone where she lives but Rinnosuke.


Via has a extreme habit with cookies.One time in the Scarlet Devil Mansion,Via was so hungry for cookies that she sense cookies coming from the mansion.Sakuya Izayoi served Remilia Scarlet baked cookies.When Sakuya was at the hallway Remilia ate one cookie and ran to the hallway to go see Sakuya.When close was clear Via took the cookies from the plate leaving it clean.She left the mansion and ate the cookies.By definition she eats with two mouths.She has a second mouth in the back of her head.Usually she is seen with two arms but she has more (her hair). Her hair is strong enough to pick up heavy things but not dirt.

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