Vision-pm node

A "Node" card isn't really a type of card; during the player's Main Phase, they may take one card from their hand and place it face-down in their Node Area. The player may not use it for interference. When a Node is played, they go into the Node Area in the Active state.

Paying costs

The below example shows an action of 1 cost being performed. Note that when you perform an action, a single Node can only be used to pay 1 cost for that action. When paying costs, decide beforehand which Nodes to pay it with, and either put them to Sleep or destroy them all at once.

1. A Node in the Active state goes into the Sleeping state. Vision-pm node-small-active -> Vision-pm node-small-sleep

2. A Node in the Sleeping state is destroyed. Vision-pm node-small-sleep -> Discard

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