黄昏酒場~Uwabami Breakers~ (tasogare sakaba ~uwabami breakers~ meaning Twilight Bar-room ~Drunkard Breakers~) is a danmaku shooting game released by 呑んべぇ会 (nonbee-kai, or The Drinking Party). It is available for download from the official website.


Uwabami Breakers' gameplay is very similar to Mountain of Faith's gameplay (which is fitting, given that they use the same game engine). Players shoot incoming enemies (items of food and drink) as they fall and dodge the bullets that they shoot. The player has a Beer Gauge, which fills as the player shoots down enemies that have a *chink* sound when they are shot down. All other enemies do not add to the beer gauge. The gauge fills at 3 liters, and the player's shot power increases with every liter of beer. Bombing results in a forward-facing attack that depletes the beer gauge by 1 liter. The capacity of the beer gauge is also decreased by .1 liters until the end of the level.

The menu category is essential to scoring. Somewhat like Mountain of Faith, you'll always want to be shooting down enemies on the screen to keep the menu category high.
並 - Normal/Average
上 - High (reached after defeating 3 enemies in a row)
特上 - Very High (reached after defeating 9 enemies in a row)
至高 - Supreme (reached after defeating 17 enemies in a row)
As the menu category goes up, the amount of points you get for shooting them down goes up in a certain way depending on the enemy shot down.

The standard Touhou control scheme (Shift for focus fire, Z to fire, X to bomb) applies. However, holding down the fire button results in a charge shot, like in PoDD and PoFV, which releases a barrage of chopsticks that stay in place when fired for a few seconds, then start homing towards any nearby enemies on screen. The C button produces standard rapid-fire. Typically, the barrage of chopsticks is more powerful than the standard rapid fire.

The player makes their way through three stages, each of which has a boss at the end. On the left of the screen is a time gauge. The level begins with the time at the bottom, and as play progresses the time slowly advances toward the time at which that bar's last call (Last Order) occurs. Players must make it to the boss before Last Order. Uwabami Breakers doesn't have lives, per se - instead, dying results in the time moving forward by a certain amount. Once a player makes it to the boss, they can die as much as they want until Last Order time occurs. If the Last Order time comes before the player makes it to the boss, or the player dies on the boss after Last Order, the player is kicked out of that establishment and the game ends. Boss gameplay is the standard Touhou fare (normal attacks alternating with spell cards that can be captured for bonuses). During certain sections of the boss, getting too close will result in them releasing a short range circle of knives.


A twilight bar-room.
A heaven on earth where even the lowest of drunkards sleeps peacefully.
This was the home of a group of master bartenders who boasted they could send even the heaviest of drinkers under the table.
These bartenders, called the "Uwabami Breakers" (or "Drunkard Breakers") devoted their every waking hour to devising new menus every day.
Many brave men had fallen to their menus.
Even though the wasted drunks were afflicted with the worst of hangovers every day, they couldn't resist the masters' stimulating new menus.
That was just as the masters had planned.
Nobody dreamed of defying the "Uwabami Breakers" in this bar.

Except for one certain drunk.


Isami Asama

Twilight's monster OL - Isami Asama

She's a new office assistant that wakes up to drink, goes out into society to drink, and sleeps to drink.
Since her food and liquor bills have started to pile up, she's worried that she may have to change jobs soon.

One day, she took interest in a story she heard from her boss about a bar where all the serious drinkers gathered.
They say if you spent the night drinking 'til dawn there, you would see "a mysterious world of curtain fire" ...


  1. 大衆居酒屋「八岐大蛇」 - Public House "Eight-headed Orochi"
  2. 夜の社交場「C2H5OH」 - The Place of Night-time Social Life "C2H5OH" (Ethanol)
  3. 屋上の魔界「サタデーナイトガーデン」 Rooftop Hades - "Saturday Night Garden"

See also the list of spell cards.

Staff Notes

The web distribution of Uwabami Breakers came with an Omake directory with afterwords from Kossetsu Inryou (music), Kiyoma (music), Terutia (level design and graphics), Ruu (enemy programming), Aeju Murasame (sprites), Hatori Fuuga (music), and ZUN (music and engine).

See Uwabami Breakers: Staff Notes.


  • step u/b (lazy style) - title screen, by 骨折飲料 (kossetsu inryou, bone fracture drink)
  • step u/b - stage 1 music, by 骨折飲料
  • Valse Alcoholique - stage 2 music, by 羽鳥風画 (Hatori Fuuga)
  • chase the twilight - stage 3 music, by 骨折飲料
  • Festiv-al-coholically - stage 1-2 boss music, by 骨折飲料
  • 呑んべぇのレムリア - A Drunkard's Lemuria, stage 3 boss music, by ZUN
  • 絶対大丈夫だよ!!いくら飲んでも朝が来るよ!!。 - It's definitely okay!! No matter how much you drink, tomorrow will come!!., ending music, by Kiyoma


  • Q1. I can't install the game.
  • Make sure you have enough free disk space. Also, make sure you're not trying to install to a directory you can't write to. In the off chance you happen to have a bad disc, contact us for support. (Please try installing the disc on another machine - using a different CD/DVD drive - in this case.)
  • Q2. The game errors out and says "Direct3D initialization failure - you can't play the game like this".
  • Your video card might not support Direct3D.
  • Q3. I get a message saying it can't find dinput.dll or dsound.dll or d3dx9_36.dll.
  • You don't have the very latest DirectX. Please install it using the installer on the CD. (You can also download it from Microsoft's DirectX webpage.)
  • Q4. I get lag.
  • Normally the game should run at 60FPS or higher. You might not have enough video memory. Using custom.exe to switch the display mode to 16 bits or disabling vsync might help.
  • Q5. I want to take a screenshot with one of the masters for posterity.
  • The snapshot key is P on the keyboard.
  • Q6. I can't beat the game.
  • You don't have enough alcohol. Let's drink more.
  • Q7. I played the game and I feel sick.
  • If it's simulator sickness, please get used to it. If you are just drunk, that's normal.
  • Q8. I can see afterimages of danmaku.
  • This is normal if you can dodge them, but maybe you've had a bit too much to drink. Be sure to enjoy responsibly.

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