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Archived Talk page. Edit it as you wish (by which I mean the colours, unless you want to make it crazy). As for the picture, you can tell it's fairly long, but making it smaller would just make the archive look odd. It isn't terribly long or anything though.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

~This guy is Amazing~

Anywhere you see "#00AB87" (or anything with # and then a number or letter after it), that's where you can change the colour. It html colour codes, so if you ever want to change it, just do that.

The song was pretty good, I actually remember Vile :L I found this guy. He has a bunch of videos where he puts Touhou in a bunch of stuff. Also pretty skilled with computers.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

Yeah, you could also just type in the colour name, but it's case sensitive so it's better to just use colour codes. I have watched many MADS... long time ago, at least. Haven't seen too many recently, to be honest. That's a good refresher. Brought back some memories. SUPER MARIO RPG

I'm not sure how into MineCraft you are, but this series is hilarious (so far). I'm on Ep 4, and it's 18 long. You should watch it if you're interested, it's a pretty cool idea. Here's Ep 1. Side Note: Zero from MMZ is involved... for a while...

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

Speaking of cases, I have to select a criminal case in my law class and I decided to do mine on Jack the Ripper. Now, I've already done a bunch of research on my own time for this guy before even being handed the assignment because I found it really interesting to begin with. This is one assignment I will actually enjoy doing~ All my thanks to Sakuya.

I'm honestly not all that into MineCraft either, but the idea they have is simply brilliant. Go in with 7 people starting from scratch to make it to the end. If you die, you die for good, and they're all friends with each other. Since you aren't going to watch, I'll just let you know that, in the end, 2 people survived and succeeded in slaying the Ender Dragon. But it's just hilarious how they do things. One of the guys is playing for his first time, and he was the last to die during the Ender Dragon fight.

I'm assuming I am way too late for this decision, but I was going to say west. I haven't been on the computer much lately. Lot of work these past few days with mid-term coming up on Friday.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

I don't have to start yet, I think we start it Monday, but I guess I'll let you know whatever/whenever. I'm not even sure what guidelines we have to follow yet, all I know is it needs to be a criminal case. The only reason I know who Jack the Ripper is, is because one of Sakuya's shot types in the Touhou games is called "Jack the Ripper". The name sounded familiar, so I looked it up one day. Probably over a year ago, but I have no idea when, really.

Well, it's a cooperative adventure, so he had assistance. But he was probably the most hilarious because he led everyone not trouble, got lost, and a bunch of crap. 4 people made it to the dragon, but on the platform you START ON (when you enter the Ender), someone was knocked down into purgatory by the dragon within less than 3 seconds. It's funny because it was the most experienced player. So, really, only 3 made it.

She can be your wife, too? I'm assuming she doesn't exactly age... have fun with that! I don't see anything particularly wrong with it. Except she'll outlive you by, like, a lot.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

They wouldn't allow books like that at your school? Odd, most schools would encourage those kinds of books. Dragons are smart like that, I hear. It wasn't like the two that survived weren't good though, they were both very experienced at the game. The guy who died first at the Ender just happened to be the best.

I hate it when people make things say that in doujins and stuff. Saying things are like the blink of an eye makes it all seem worthless, effortless, and unnecessary. We need a better metaphor, dammit! Or simile, in this case... depends on context.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

Interesting, I do suppose. Did you go to a catholic school or public school? I'm not entirely sure if that would make a difference, but that's really all I can think of. Then again, maybe America just has different standards overall? Who knows!

I'm not hating on it or anything, as it can be positive depending on the situation, but it just always seems to have a negative connotation to it when romance is involved, or to be more specific, forbidden love. More time for Extra Stages for me then :L I got MoF's EX Stage just a while ago. I was on Mountain of Faith spellcard (final SC) with Marisa, but died. Beat the game, tried with Reimu afterwards and had success. Unintentionally, too. I'm just trying to beat the games with every char. and shot type on Normal and Hard.

I shall take a look at them sometime soon. I have seen a few of their videos in the "related" section sometimes, but never checked it out.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

~Flowers and Poltergeists~

You do have to be catholic to even get into those schools though. Like, I could go to a catholic school as I was baptized. I wouldn't exactly enjoy, for lack of a better term, the religion part, but I could still go there. Many of my friends actually go to a catholic school here and they're the same as me. They should really just make you write some kind of test or something to get in. Then again, most Catholic schools here are similar to Public schools; the only differences being a forced class throughout all high school years of religion and a few other smaller issues. Western school uniforms are pretty lame, usually.

Unless it's with Yuuka. Then it is generally slavery or domination. I'm not even touching TH11 and you can't make me. NOT DOING IT, hell, I'm not even doing 12. The life system in those games make it too difficult to 1cc. Collecting Heart Pieces. This isn't Zelda. If some guy can breed with SUWAKO, you can breed with... undressy-mcgee? I have to sleep. Funtimes.

I forgot to mention, but it takes only SECONDS to message now, thanks to the archive. Also had a weird dream where Kana Anaberal was involved. I'd explain, but I have not the time. It was pretty crazy though, I'll mention it tomorrow.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

Yeah, parents tend to have a large influence on kids. I don't know about how they look on a resumé. Taking into account the school you went to for a job isn't a very good way to decide on an employee. What school you go to is dependent on distance. If a catholic school just happens to be closer, and you meet the requirements to attend, then huzzah. At least, here it doesn't play a role at all. In the Southern States I know it's a used method.

That's why MoF isn't so bad in this sense. Normal life system, but have to start the level over. 11 & 12 combine hard to get lives and level reset. I've played MariAri, manliest game around. You say it as though wearing no clothes is a good thing. That leads to a wondrous variety of illnesses.

I'll explain the dream thing. I was in a weird grey-ish house, kinda looked like one of my old houses, alone at night and some crazy shit was going on. Typical paranormal activity and whatnot. I went to go to sleep and Kana was apparently sleeping in my bed beside me, so I jumped out of my bed and everything came together (I knew who Kana was and whatnot). I told her to leave me alone, but she said she wanted to have some more fun, sh wouldn't kill me, just scare me. So she followed me around and for whatever reason Marisa came over, but she couldn't see Kana. Marisa started acting very friggin' strange, like lying on the floor in one of the corners of my house, and breathing heavily, but I apparently paid no mind.

Kana was obviously doing something and I managed to get Kana to leave or piss off. Marisa was fine, but Kana was the sad faces. Eventually, in the end, Kana and I were friends and Marisa stole Kana's hat. Because why the hell not?

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

I'm not entirely sure how it is in America, but, in Canada, Catholic schooling and public schooling still follow the school-board's curriculum. What it comes down to are the teachers and your own work ethic. You aren't necessarily more intelligent or a better person for simply going to a catholic school. There's only one catholic school in our town that is any good, the rest are practically on welfare and have terrible students. Saying Catholic schools are simply better is just ignorant; they're both the same aside from the whole Catholicism deal (in Canada).

Well, it's interesting, but the UFOs are especially annoying. Gods should still at least attempt to care... but I won't argue? Yamame agrees wholeheartedly. Well, at firs I was more or less like, "Get the hell out of my house!" I guess in that dream seeing them was a normal everyday occurrence, aside from the Kana thing. I didn't steal her hat, Kana did, I was just watching.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

You take offense to almost everything, you ever notice that? It's as I said, our schooling system is different. Our educational systems are too different.

1. Yeah, it's the same here, more or less
2. Not like that here. As long as you were baptized, and have parental consent, you're good to go (as I explained before).
3. Teachers make a conscious effort to make professional judgement on your mark. Ex. you could do really well, but not pay attention in class, go on your phone, etc. causing the teacher to take that into account when coming up with your overall mark. Simply getting a good mark on assignments doesn't mean you are a good student.
4. Well, depends on your beliefs in this situation. If you aren't catholic/christian, threatening you with hell won't affect you all that much.
5. It's called St. Patrick's High School. It IS catholic. We don't have any private schools in our town. 3 public, 3 catholic (for high schools, not sure about the elementary). I meant the one Catholic school. St. Ignacious is notorious for how bad it is. As for Public schools, mine is fine, as are the rest. Not great by any means, but good... I guess?

The UFOs I never saw the need to make the blue or green ones. They may as well just have all been red, seeing how much more useful it is. Matching them up is pretty fun, but when you only really desire the Red UFOs, it isn't as speshul. What about Suika? She can fly (or float), I cannot.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

Case in point.

2. That's how catholic schools work here, they are still catholic schools.
3. Obviously teachers don't give you the information and do the work for you. That's, like, special ed. A good teacher would care, that's for sure.
5. You said, "That one school that is nice? Chances are its a non-public one" basically saying if it's a nice school, it probably isn't a public school. Aside from public and catholic, there's really only private, so I assumed you may have been talking of either of the two (cath/priv).

It's often best to ignore them. Just make you greedy and chase after them, running into stray bullets. Unless they float nearby and are red, I don't even try to get it. Because Kana needs more hats. Marisa respects this... for a few seconds. Kana has a nice hat anyway, so why does she need it anyway?

In other news, Youkai Buster sucks. I expect nothing more from Cold Inferno!

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being


3. A great teacher would do their job. You're basically saying a teacher shouldn't teach. Teachers do make you extract information on your own, but they give guidance. Ex. "Read pages Chapter # answer questions #, # & # and takes notes on *insert heading here*" After the teacher briefly discusses the topic beforehand.

Trying to get UFOs in the Ex stage is pointless regardless. It's 1 stage and is definitely not enough to acquire even one life through the UFOs. In the main game it takes 1 and a half at least, even with midbosses and bosses. Because polygamy in Gensokyo is A-okay. Is Leo a Mormon? Youkai buster is a shot type in MoF. It is terrible. But in 12.3 is great. Cold Inferno is one of Marisa's, which is surprisingly pretty damn awesome.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

Teachers don't hold your hand in high school, or later years in elementary school. Schools exist for a reason, yet you act as though they're terrible places and you should fend for yourself your entire life. That doesn't work, sorry. We're constantly depending on others for information, and that isn't a bad thing. You tell me I don't think too far enough ahead and then tell me I'm thinking too far ahead... what?

Could once again be a difference between Canadian schools and American schools, or the fact that you're an online student, but from the way you're describing things, it certainly just seems as though you despise educational institutions.

I understand little, but I get the point... I think? Something tells me he doesn't understand what it means/will be like to have two wives... Just mash the button and pick whoever with whatever? Then again, each character is sort of like their own shot type, like in 12 and 13. No shot types, just characters.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

~Flawless Clothing of the Celestials~

I thought you went to a catholic school? Pretty extreme for a school like that... I know of the democrats and republicans, but I'm not overly knowledgeable on the American politics, however, we did follow the recent election in our school. Speaking of which, that was too close of an election... Now the republicans still have the senate with the democrats leading. NOTHING WILL EVER GET DONE, DAMMIT! When you said "you" I was assuming you were referring to me, so, yeah. Well, our educational system is #1 in the world, so it works? It's up to the individual if they choose to actually absorb the information or just truck along not caring, really.

Tell them they can't have children, see what how they react. It would be hilariously bad if they stayed with him only to have children. As long as you know Option 1 does this, and option 2 does that, yeah, you don't really need to know the names, just what they do. But knowing the name doesn't hurt or anything. Especially in 12.3, it's neat to see them implement them into spellcards. Just like knowing spellcard names and seeing them there.

Tenshi, as it was relevant beforehand (last night).

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

Democrat? I don't see how that means he should just outright hate people. Or why you would stand for that when you clearly don't like it. I went to a terrible school that was VERY discriminatory and I left the school, but not after notifying City Council. That's how you get shit done. Both the Democrats and the Republicans have ups and downs, but Romney was just a bafoon. Perhaps if it were someone else I wouldn't care as much, but anyone who says someone getting raped and pregnant is A-Okay does not deserve to be a president. Canada has number one, America I think was 3rd?

18 is pretty damn young, but I think my mom was pregnant with my brother at 21. Ignore sharing a person? Isn't that kinda, y'know, not a good thing? Ignoring something THAT BIG can lead to huge problems... It was relevant because Angels. But that's about it. That was more or less Friday, actually. Not so much yesterday.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

You don't know Obama, man, not at all.

In addition, Obama can't pass laws because the senate is republican. They won't allow Obama to do anything because they want to tarnish his reputation. The debt was created by the republicans in the first place and they won't let Obama fix it. One side needs to win majority vote for anything to be solved, but it's always too close and nothing is ever done. Just as if the republicans won without the majority, democrats would be the senate and, still, nothing would get done.

That's something few Americans know about their own political system. They always just expect the president to do whatever, thinking he can, but he/she really can't. Why do I even care? I'm not American...

They knew each other and were dating at 17, so, not sure if that accounts for anything? I don't really get how anyone can love two people as much as that. Just seems odd. Even if it is a real-life thing, I never understood how. Angels with crazy shape-shifting swords, hand morphing, and peach hats are better. I recall Friday, I guess you don't?

EDIT: God intended rape. Stating if someone is pregnant through rape, it was God's will and it's okay. He endorses the concept of God intending rape to happen. I just did a quick Google search, there's quite a few results, so that might not entail everything. I'm not bull-shitting you here, just calm down.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

You act as though I should know everything. I'm CANADIAN, not American. It's a wonder I know as much as I even do about America, considering the word "province" baffles anyone not Canadian. To be perfectly honest, I have to trust your word on this because you actually live there, whether it's true or not. And that's my point, the political system is just "let's not help everyone and strangle each other over power". Neither of them are doing good. As for Romney, he DID endorse the theory, he just said he didn't because obviously no one will vote for someone who thinks like that. Evidently, You're not going to believe me, but that's it.

Which is why I don't think it's possible. Having 2 feelings that deep for more than one person. I dunno, it just seems really odd. For anyone that can do it (Polygamists) I guess only they'd really know. Even then, would they be truthful about it? And I was out getting dirt cheap ice cream because of the weather~ Since it's been cold past week, the ice cream stands are getting rid of their supplies. Me and my friends got, like, 5 cones each. $2 /cone (mooched money off parents, if at all curious).

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

I'm at the point where I'm just going to say "I agree completely", but whether or not I actually mean that I'll leave for you to ponder. Almost every time we have an opinion on something it turns into an argument, which is perfectly normal, but it gets to the point where someone gets really pissed off.

As for the valuing life, where did you suddenly get the idea that I don't care anymore? Did I say something, or are you assuming that from who knows where?

There's actually a show about it my mom watches, having multiple wives. I haven't seen more than a few seconds, so... no idea. It really comes down to the person I do suppose, but it'll always just seem odd to me in one way or another. We had our first blizzard today, so good thing we went yesterday. If it's something cheap and she offers I won't stop her, but treating each other to things is limited since she doesn't have a job (aside from score keeping at her school) and I no longer have one. Christmas will be a wonderful day.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

I was more or less referring to the fact that you constantly tell me to shut up and throw around the F bomb like it's no one's business. In text here you obviously read it, but on Skype I can recall at LEAST 3 instances where you tell me to shut up because I try to say something. Just a few days ago about the lyrics, you said, "Bullshit, shut up". Then there was when we were talking about Komachi and Youmu, you told me to, once again, shut up. Lastly, we were talking about Sanae and I was in the middle of talking, you cut me off, told me to shut up, not after making your opinion heard, and I just said, "Oh, well okay then". And you tell me I don't hear you. Interesting. I'll be honest, I don't always agree with what you say and probably ignore some things, but I NEVER tell you to shut up or swear at you repeatedly.

Modders, you were wrong, still are. Shinki? I don't remember that one, can you remind me? As for the recent one, yeah, you were right. I never ONCE said the life BORN from rape was wrong, I said the fact that someone could believe it's okay is not good. If someone is born from rape, they should still be cared for.

Well, I would hope you are, considering things. Though things and "right" are vague. I'm still waiting until semester 2 for that, or at most the summer. If I don't, EB games. I remember seeing it there, hopefully it still will be. I would imagine sleeping on wings is fine at first, but it would be like how leaning on your arm hurts or feels weird after a while? No idea.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

That's just immature behaviour, but suit yourself. As for letting you know of what I'm uncomfortable with, do you honestly think anyone likes being told to shut up? I shouldn't have to tell you, that's common sense and being a decent person. So it's a contest to you? I'm sorry for ignoring you then, if it's really that hard on you. But at least try to stop telling me to shut up then, because I don't know if you're like that with your friends, but you really shouldn't behave like that to anyone. That's just terrible, please.

I would like to see them there links if you have them. Do I have to spell it out for you? Raping, bad. Getting someone pregnant through rape, bad. Caring for the child who was birthed from rape, good. Believing that someone being raped and getting pregnant is a Godsend, bad. However, some seem to think the latter is a-okay.

No one sells it but them, apparently. They're terrible with pricing, but I guess they at least have a lot of things. Though it's still better to go almost everywhere before there. Feathers in pillows, feathers on wings? Probably just assumes all is well.

I was joking this entire time... did it work?

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

~Za Warudo~

I honestly don't know what to say, but this is the end, for a long time.

You didn't apologize, you aren't being sincere, and apparently I'm your play thing. If that's how it be, well, good day. If you ever just so happen to reconsider anything, let me know.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

I'm currently spending the night at her house right now, so I won't be able to go on today at all (or at least not until later today, technically, my time). It's another friend's birthday and a few friends are spending the house at another friend's house, my girl's house, so it got complicated. We're going out tomorrow, but that's irrelevant. ANYWAY, everyone's asleep except for me and a dedicated Mario Kart player. Our night consisted of a lot of Mario Kart...

Saturday Night, I should be good for a call around 1:30am (to be safe). I have to get up early Sunday for the card shop thing, moved to Sundays at noon instead of Tues/Thurs at night. Just tell your friend you're talking to the one who exists only in your head. It's never a bad thing to have friends who're concerned about things. Can be annoying sometimes, of course.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being


Merami + Momiji = All kinds of fun. And it's been done 3 times now.

We have our own variation of Black Friday, but I'm not sure what the meaning behind it is. I'm pretty sure it's just a sale for no particular reason. I think it's this Friday? Since I'm flat broke, I don't plan on doing anything though.

Which brought up the issue the other day when I was with my friends. Discussing the sale and how my friend knows what she's getting me and is getting it on the Friday. Well, I'm broke. I can't buy anything until I get money from Christmas. So I now have to bring it up to my parents that I NEED to take money out of my account for something important. As you know, they don't know about us, but when they find out I took money out to buy something and they don't know what I bought with the money, they'll question me. Quite the pickle...

On a more positive note, I got Sky Arena to work yesterday. All is well.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

You are missing out. Always felt bad for Rundas...

Another excuse to make places busy. Boxing Day is terrible, but oh so good. Majority of the time spent is in lines.

A few months ago we talked about how we were going to bring it up in a hilarious fashion at some point, but haven't talked about it since. No, bringing that topic up again and telling her why would be a terrible idea. Then I would have to bring up how I spent money without thinking of Christmas. There's no real reason, honestly. It's more or less just I KNOW there will be mass amounts if invasion of privacy. I'll figure it out. Probably just take another loan out from my brother.

Like I said, it worked perfectly fine the first time. I didn't have to do anything and it worked. Second time I downloaded it, nothing worked. APPARENTLY I had to update it, not only that, but it couldn't be the newest version. Not really sure what happened there, but, yeah.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

I kinda felt bad for all of the allies Samus had there. Lines are also used in graphs and such. It's not ALL extra stuff that goes on sale, but most of it is I would imagine.

We don't spend much time at each other's houses, so that's kind of easy. Not that we really do anything like that anyway? Out of curiosity, how long have you two been a thing? No answer necessary, of course. I already owe him $25, so it would just add up. Fun.

Pretty much, yeah. I then spent 4 hours, not joking, 4 full hours, figuring out how to update it to the latest version. More confusing than you'd think, believe me. You aren't very careful with those things, are you? Another World. Or Puppet Play, for the TD cast.

In Vesperia, are half-elves outcasted like in many of the other Tales games? Random question, yes.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

I can't quite remember the entire story on that one. I remember Samus mourned all of them though, so maybe she wasn't all bad or something? I remember her death though.

We live on opposite sides of town and she goes to a different school, but in grade school (Gr. 7 & 8) we lived closer and were in the same class. We obviously still hang out, and not just on Sundays, but school causes many issues. Anyway, two years or so? You don't really know?

It's pretty fun. It's actually kinda similar to the DBZ games (Budokai Tenkaichi) gameplay wise. I can play without a controller, but it would certainly be easier with one. I do to, but mine don't break! Well, technically they aren't mine, but, yeah...

In Phantasia and Symphonia half-elves are frowned upon, so I was curious as to whether or not it was just a running thing throughout the series. Arche is a half-elf, it is sad. As was Genis and Raine. Friggin' prejudice.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

Read the quote, pretty well instantly remembered. Yeah... guess she had it coming. I don't think any of us were ever teased for having female friends, but I know that can happen, yeah. Better than nothing, I do suppose.

You can play Fallout but not something with graphics comparable to early Gamecube? Wat? Unless you mean just on the Acer. Sounds like the Acer is a last resort thing. It feels sad. Half-elves are pretty well rejected everywhere, resorting to living on a floating island. Some of the half-elves pose as elves, because they look very similar, like Genis and Raine. Even their friends thought they were elves until later. Unlike those Dark Elves there though, Half-elves haven't really done anything wrong.

So Arche was sentenced to death, but apparently hr mother lived in the village and offered herself over her daughter. I knew half-elves aren't overly welcomed, but, wow, DEATH?

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

Seems to be the only thing that lasts around there, so it has something going for it. Yep, that's what happens when you be different. In he end of Symphonia half-elves are more or less accepted, but in Symphonia 2 it's not much different again. But everyone hates each other in the 2nd game. Ungrateful bastards. Not sure about Phantasia yet.

You should totally use Kyouko whenever possible. Kyouko, Mystia, and Wriggle. Anyone else, don't care. But that would be pretty awesome. Reisen was starter I am assuming? Who were the others, Alice and Sanae like before?

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

How do you manage to use the thing if it doesn't have a charger? Won't it die soon? That's the fun part, finding her~ I would imagine she's fairly common, but probably later in the game. Just a guess though. ALICE.

Sounds like she's just hungry and wants some food. She could have gotten someone else, but didn't care enough? Also, it was a Snow Day today. FUN.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

Well that's a good idea. Wait until absolutely necessary to buy charger. You WILL find her. I would imagine a trainer would use her, and then just look at the Dex. Unless all the TD characters happen to have their own little area where only they can be found, but I find that unlikely. Maybe there was a dragon and she just let you off easy on not finding one. Because Silver has been a source of undoubted knowledge ad ideas so far!

Black Friday is a Holiday over there? Wish it was that big a deal here. We had ours today as well (obviously). With all the snow, it was hard for anyone to get anywhere or anything though. Get anything else spectacular?

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

~Sakura, Sakura~

No idea how I haven't heard this before. I could have sworn I looked at all of it. Oh well, I am not complaining.

About yesterday, our internet stopped working for a long while. It just came back on about an hour ago. I'm not sure what caused it, might have just been the internet provider screwing up, as per usual. Seems to be working fine now. Should be on later.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

Indeed I have, quite a few times at that. It is a magical girl anime, but, like I say to others, don't be fooled by how cutesy it looks. It's actually pretty dark. It's not very long, so I suggest giving it a shot. It was considered the best anime of 2011 on an anime forum I go on, and I have to agree, it was really good. It's got a decent amount of action, but there's a lot of exposition. So if you aren't into plots, I guess you shouldn't bother.

Also, you need to play this game already (Tales of Symphonia). Or watch the OVA, but, believe me, the game is something you should really experience. The OVA is great at showing both sides of the coin (evil and good), but the game is much better overall. OVA is 10 episodes, but the final episode hasn't been subbed yet.

Breaking news: I'm almost certain Arche and Chester is a thing. They've been arguing constantly, and I wouldn't doubt that it will lead to something.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

Aliens. Yeah, it's 12. Money is lovely. But, I still suggest beating the game before watching the OVA. Otherwise some, or a lot, of the experience will be missed out on. That game is one of the best I've played that really goes into detail on the characters, but the OVA obviously has to rush things a bit. Your choice though. You and your breeding. Are the elves just kinda there, or do they serve another purpose besides being involved in the sex trade?

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

Nue. I may have spoiled a few things for you already, but enjoy it as best you can, I suppose. Well, if you have other things to occupy your time with, it shouldn't be overly difficult to wait. I myself haven't started a new game since ToP because I probably won't finish it before Christmas; and when Christmas comes I'll have several games I'll be playing. I'm even wondering if I'll be able to finish ToP, at this rate... Get Monster Hunter as well, yes. Good game and shit. Do it. Make sure you have a Classic Controller though, otherwise the controls are horrendous.

I will not say anything. You should play that Clannad thing again, just saying. I think... Is everyone buddy-buddy or are some races still kinda at odds with each other? In ToP the elves allowed humans into there village (I'm in the future at the moment) but still don't allow half-elves because the Elders are ass holes. I know the reason now, at least.

They will all figure something out. Maybe. Possibly... School work is blamed for things.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

Well, if you really want me to tell you (though I have already), I'll say it again. Kyouko does indeed kill herself, though, like I said before, she did it for a reason. Sayaka is the one who turns into a witch (which was pretty darn depressing). Homura and Madoka, you will see later, as I don't think I've mentioned anything about them before. Kyouko and Sayaka are my favourite so... yeah. Homura is awesome though.

The first arc has terrible quality on every video on YT. I don't know why, but that's how it is. The other arcs have good quality though, and I think the first one improves later on (video quality wise). Here's a Link to playlists for the arcs.

It goes in THIS ORDER:
-Untied World

To make the qaulity a bit better, click that button next to the full screen button. Not full screen, but the one before it. Anyway, let me know how that goes. Presea and Kratos are awesome sauce. But you won't see Presea for a while...

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

I did actually mention when I was talking about Kyouko that her and Sayaka were the best of bros, thus why she didn't want her to die alone. It was after I got the two little figure things of them. Aside from that I don't think I ever talked about her. Not just Homura's power, but her purpose (you will see, unless you have already). She used to be my favourite, and was for a long time, but I just read more on Kyouko a while after watching the series and liked her more. Sayaka and Homura are very close for second, actually. Probably just like Sayaka more because Kyouko x Sayaka is a thing.

I tried 3 different videos for Episode 1, all pretty much the same. My Skype avatar is of her (pink hair). You'll see her. Actually, she gets quite a bit of attention in the OVA and has 2 of my favourite overall scenes in the OVA.

Speaking of computer games. My brother bought Strcraft 2 today. He decided for whatever reason he wants to play it. I'm not sure if I can somehow play it using the same purchase (I doubt it), but I'll let you know how that goes. I can also illegally download it, but doing that means I won't be able to play online.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

They aren't really shown as friends, until the very end of Kyouko's life, but even then Sayaka is a witch. It's something you kinda have to read in between the lines to understand. Kyouko takes a liking to Sayaka because she feels Sayaka made the same mistakes that she had made, even their wish was fairly similar. Kyouko does actually help Sayaka at one point, but I can't remember when. It's when she's fighting a witch though, and on multiple occasions tried to restore Sayaka to normal (to no avail, obviously). Basically, Kyouko never got the chance to actually BE friends with her, but she certainly wanted to get along with her.

Final battle be awesome and stuff. With Homura, I mean. You never really get to see Madoka do anything... like, ever. She's kinda useless (until the very end). I've yet to ask my brother about it, as he's in the midst of setting his own stuff up. I'll probably get back to you on that tomorrow. Nothing wrong with a little battle or two for fun, right? Unless rank somehow applies to that as well.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

Pretty much, actually, he creator noticed the pairing and a thing was made by him. It was also more or less a one-sided relationship. But, as you said, timelines. I'm sure if they actually got to know each other and stuff they'd be friends (you'll see, sort of). That's the thing with 12 ep anime, battle scenes and whatnot are generally short. Most 12 episode series don't revolve around action though.

I still like Madoka (though my friend makes the joke of "First rule of Madoka Magica: Don't like Madoka". Sucks to hear about the game there. Do you think maybe it's because you're using the Acer? If it isn't, there should at least be a phone number or something... that sounds really odd. PC games I hear are generally good with this sort of thing.

My brother plans to start tomorrow, so I won't have an answer for you until Saturday, probably. I still don't think it's possible, but you never know. Anyway, I haven't played many RTSs (at all), but I would imagine I'm more defensive and conservative than offensive and gung ho.

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~Can't release~

Madoka - Kyouko & Yuma
Poor Mami... In a spin-off manga called Oriko (with the same actual headline of Mahou etc.) it's actually heavily based around Kyouko and Mami, as well as the cutest darned thing ever, another magical girl, Yuma. I can see Kyouko and Sayaka getting along, but Kyouko was just too late in letting her know. I'm guessing you finished it?

I'm with you on that one, actually. I hate Kyubey. But I will say he has a wonderful character and whatnot. But I just don't like him. Yeah, I get that a lot from PC gamers a lot. They're pretty self-absorbed and shit on everyone else. Not all of them, but many. We got the game on sale for $30 I think it was, but I'm notsure how much it usually is.

That's a big gun... By the way, random Alice.

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~Noisy Happiness~

Wriggle Nightbug and shit. 2:46 (awesomness).

Who did you end up with? Don't tell me about their route or anything, just who it was. I'm on the 5th day (January 12th), but haven't played in a while. Still focusing on Mai. Well, I thought I was pretty informative on that, but good job?

In Puppet Play I'm pretty sure you can't find the TH 13 cast until after the Elite 4. I found a boat or something, but I can't get on it (and only 2 badges left). Kinda sucks, but oh well...

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

Yep, still it. Though the list may have changed a bit in other places. I haven't edited my page in a long time, but quite a bit has changed... Also, in Puppet Play, there are hearts as well. Same deal though; can only be used after the Elite 4 and such.

Interesting. I'd rather keep things alien to myself and find out on my own. See if it's anything like the anime. Of course, since the anime ended off somewhere else, it won't be exactly the same, but I want to see what is the same and what's different. After Mai, I'll probably do Sayuri's (since it branches off from Mai's) and Makoto's, but that's about it. I've decided to replace anime time with VN time until I do that. Or at least on some days, like today.

Unless I have plans, I am always alone and in my room, like, from 6:30pm until I sleep. This is of no concern to me. Nayuki-chwan? That one I may want to hear about, considering the anime didn't really go over that as a love interest. Though I have a feeling I know what it'll end off about.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

Could just simply hit an undo button, but that's up to you. Yeah, there are only two forms. Alice didn't evolve until Lv. 36, but everyone did around 26-30. I may use one on Kyouko and Seiga, considering I probably won't have them until after the Elite 4.

Then you should watch it, goddammit! Yeah, there are actually no relationships that go further than hugging, except for Ayu, but I already told you about that, and even then, it doesn't go that far. Shiori, i who you mean. I also really liked her. There isn't a character I didn't like, actually. Just like Clannad...

I am sure I can deal with it. At this point, I'm just anticipating a somewhat altered version of the end of her arc, only more satisfying, because when Mai pretty well never showed up after her arc, I was pretty damn upset. Also, nice work there spoiling a plot point intentionally. I already knew about it from the anime, but yeah. Kinda just said I wanted it to be alien to me.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

Ultimately your decision. I would hope so. Going to the Elite 4 with 2 less party members may be troublesome, even if they are higher levels.

Because you can't truly experience Yuichi. Honestly, the guy is hilarious. The anime also does a better job at explaining the plot. Yeah, but they re-animated it because the OA was terrible. Good thing they did. You "don't" or "don" (as in do)?

Visual Novels, like many anime adaptations of manga, keep the general plot of the story and characters, but change how it plays out. For example, the Clannad VN. Kotomi's route in the VN explained everything, like the anime, but they did it differently (MUCH differently). It isn't as though Yuichi spends a lot of time with Mai in the anime like he does in the VN (where the goal is to end up with your person of interest). Though I did suspect that type of end, as it seemed pretty important in the anime. I did ask if you would watch the anime and didn't specify that it was Mai. BUT, yeah, I suppose I probably shouldn't have said anything. Just trying to peak your interest, and you provided me with a great opportunity.

I'd rather not speak of Mai's route (or hint at anything) until I am done it. On Day 17, to give you an idea.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

The whole point of me playing this game was to see the TD cast... Even if I am only going to use two, I'm going to catch the others and Level them up a bit. Not to mention it is a bit different, so checking it out, in my opinion, is certainly worth the 24 episodes. You don't plan to do Ayu's route, which is a huge part of the story, so that's another reason.

The plot isn't exactly dark. It has it's moments, like Clannad, but... hard to explain without spoiling the end. Madoka was just disaster after disaster, with no good coming out of it. Even in the end, it isn't exactly a happy ending. I could have used a different term, I suppose, but my point does as well. I said I didn't want to hear anything of the route (at all). Don't tell me about their route or anything. That is all I asked.

If it's like the Clannad VN, the last few days seem to last longer, so I dunno. The days in general seem shorter though.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

The bosses so far have all been exactly the same. Brock, Misty, even Giovanni. I mainly play them to try out new characters and such. Just don't treat her like starfish because of how she looks. Mind you, there are some similarities... but their personalities are fairly different. Makoto was the one with the cat, not Nayuki. Nayuki is your sleepy cousin, man!

You never said you were going to watch it. You were the one who asked when I said you should watch it, after explaining Silver's deal. I'm used to you having a total lack of empathy for absolutely everything and reading each word as though it's an attack, but, geez; I asked that nothing be spoken of her route, that was it. Again, I suspected it. Just because Kitagawa loves Kaori in the anime, doesn't mean he will in the Visual Novel. And that's an actual example. In the anime, Kitagawa loves Kaori. The Visual Novel doesn't even hint at it.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

Wasn't a big enough change for me to notice. They even used the same Touhous in the same order, IIRC. There are a few new building and field changes though. Compared to Merry version, anyway. Jiang Shi? Those things are more zombie than ghost, unless you meant something else. A whole route in 2 days? You must have a lot of time on your hands. I've been only getting 2-3 days done a day so far. School is lame.

My point is that a simple task such as Don't tell me about their route or anything shouldn't be rocket science. You said something about the route, you made a mistake, oops, sorry. That's it; not "No, you somehow caused me to do this". I'm going to avoid making claims on the other things, as it would clearly go nowhere, like everything else.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

~Infectious Fragility~

Can't say I do remember. I was more or less waiting until after Christmas to say or mention anything, as I can't particularly deal with too much at the moment (school, personal stuff, etc.) and extra stress is certainly not something I want to deal with. But that is pretty far from now and it seems like you want an answer sooner than that.

I don't recall ever saying anything over Skype, unless it was an accidental message to you when I was messaging someone else, but that's unlikely (since the names are pretty spaced out). Also, Windows 8, oh dear god, have fun. I am safe from that, for now.

Satori 'n stuff.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

So, I got Persona 3 today (among many many other things). I just started playing recently though (first time in that labyrinth thing or whatever it was... tartarus?) I don't plan on going on Skype any time soon considering the next few nights will likely consist of gaming. A lot of it.

Also got the Marisa shirt. 'Twas a good day.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

What a coincidence, I was thinking the same thing (and still am). If you don't want to, then don't? I do recall you saying that they aren't directly related. Also, Hitler, wat?

I heard from another friend about X-COM, but still haven't bothered to look it up at all. Just don't go somehow manage to break the laptop again (or lose the charger). I pretty much got all the things I asked for, in terms of games and PC related things, so I'm just going to buy some manga and whatnot. I also plan to actually buy a few albums since I have the money. Certainly not going to blow it all though.

My grandma was going to buy the Momiji figure thing, but, when she checked, there was only one in stock. And the lower the quantity, the higher the price. So it was roughly $200 for one instead of the usual $100-ish.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

I think I'm going to hold of on Persona 3 fora bit because it's apparently a really long game. I'm currently playing Tales of Graces, KH: Dream Drop Distance, and Tales of the Abyss (which are still long, but not as long). After I beat on of them I'll probably start playing it, along with some others. I do plan on going with the Magician tree though~ Also wasn't planning on going out with one or more person at a time, so no worries there. So far I seem to be more of an academic person, but I haven't had many opportunities to ^ any other stats.

I'll have to look into it more at some point, still. AmiAmi has more in stock now, but I don't really want to spend my own funds on it at the moment. I have more than enough, but there are many things I still want and all. 2 months. 2 months...


~Comiket 83 'n stuff~

Yeah, I could and should have responded sooner, but I've been busy. The new stuff coming out recently didn't help. Speaking of which, my two favourite circles decided to do a collaboration album. CHEN.

From what I can tell, I'm almost done Graces, but I'm not too sure. It is turning out to be longer than expected. And I am okay with that. I remember the last I played P3 (a few days ago) it introduced me to the mall area. But it was late so I didn't really do much there.

Another friend actually told me more about the games (X-COM) and I also found them on a console. I thought they were PC only, but I guess they made a console one? Or did I have that backwards? I actually haven't spent any money yet. Just used up gift cards for a large amount of manga. I am now even more conflicted than before. Momiji figure for $120 or 4 albums for the same amount...

Also Hopeless Masquerade. Not sure if you played the demo or not. That is a thing that exists as well.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

Only 0.6.6? I figured they'd be at least at 0.7 by now. Anyway, thanks.

I never ended up getting it because they had one in stock which increased the price significantly. I think I explained this before, can't recall, but there may be more now. The best site for this kind of stuff is AmiAmi. One of my friends buys things from their in bulk almost monthly, so it's pretty reliable. Like anywhere, it's going to be expensive, but the shipping is "surprisingly fast sometimes" apparently.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

I don't follow, wat? Did you want to show me something? I'm on Skype every weekend with a couple friends around 12 (my time), so I could probably talk there. That's if my assumption is right, anyway.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

Ah, may as well. I wouldn't know where to look for the updates, so it would be more convenient. I've played after each update once or twice, just haven't had much time to play anything. They still haven't fixed the spaztastic glitchy statue, I see.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being


That should definitely make things easier. I've been ended by 173 pretty much every time because of his glitchy programming. That and electricity. I need to look out for that.

As far as things I want go, not really, no. I'm too lazy to get Steam and I just can't think of anything. A lot of new games just came out recently and I just started playing a few which I hardly have enough time for anyway.

Battle Network game? I still need to play the second one...

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

Huh, good for him then. I actually have a friend in the east that's planning on doing the same thing. Of course, he still has a few years before he can do much. Either tomorrow or Saturday from 10pm-5am my time could work; I'll be on regardless, so if you aren't busy then sure.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

I don't use Windows 8, so it may be different, but go to the 'control panel' then 'region and language'. Once the window opens up, choose the 'administrative' tab and hit the 'change system locale' button, selecting Japanese. Restart your computer and then it should have Japanese Unicode.

That's how I do it, anyway, I'm assuming W8 will be a bit different, but the names and stuff of the options shouldn't be different.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

It's ultimately up to you, but if I had to recommend one to read first, I would say 'Little Busters!' since it and the patch came out earlier. Not only that, but the English patch for Rewrite seems to have a few errors and stuff regarding overlapping text; still, nothing too major.

The routes for Rewrite are actually REALLY easy to do, and Little Busters! is fairly straightforward as well (except for a few routes you have to think a bit more). Only thing with Rewrite is there's sort of a designated order. You can't do Shizuru or Akane's route until you've done so-and-so's and so-and-so's.

0.0.1? Seriously? Will that thing even run?

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

I actually think Little Busters! is better overall anyway. I like the characters more and the ending is friggin' brilliant. Not to say Rewrite is bad, because it's awesome, too. My favourite characters (of the ones who have routes) are, in order, Haruka Saigusa, Komari Kamikita, Mio Nishizono, Kud Noumi, Rin Natsume (main character), and Kurugaya Yuiko. I can't say I dislike any of them. Haruka and Kud's routes are probably the best? That is opinionated, obviously. Also, Kyousuke Natsume is the best character, no question. He just isn't a girl, and therefore doesn't have a route, except for in Refrain (the final chapter) which is the best part of the VN.

I'm expecting untextured walls and floors with little to no SCPs and just a test sort of thing, bur we'll see.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

Assuming you used the same torrents I did (which is very possible, as there aren't many of them) then I can tell you how to run it. It isn't as simple as running the program, in fact, it's pretty difficult. I'll show you through screen sharing because things. Took me over a half an hour to figure out LB, but Rewrite was more simple.

Probably tomorrow or something, but not late or for very long.

Kyousuke is basically just the best bro ever. He seems like a normal guy and everything during the other's routes, still being a bro, but it isn't until the main scenarios where he's more important, along with the other male characters (Masato and Kengo).

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

Well, today IS Wednesday, so I'll be on Skype anyway. If you have time, just go on whenever and I'll see what I can do. If you have the wrong torrents I'll see if I can find the right ones. If that doesn't work... WELP, that's too bad.

In the final chapter the main girls are actually ignored for the most part, except for the main female character and yourself (Riki). May as well send whatever-majig (Old old SCP version) while your at it, but I won't touch it until the weekend.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

~Turn The World~

Yes, that is the case. If you complete someone's route you cannot do them again until you complete Refrain (the final chapter). I think you can redo SOME routes, but not all. I think Rin's (original route), Kud's, and Kurugaya's routes are blocked. Haruka's, Komari's, and Mio's you can redo. I also wanted to see the bad ends and did them afterwards anyway. Who's route did you end up getting? Looked like you were on Mio's from what I saw (seemed you were headed in that direction, anyway).

Little Busters! EX is going to be 18+, yeah. Doesn't necessarily mean an H-Game, but knowing KEY, probably. It includes the original 6 characters routes, but they're the exact same. As I said before, the main story also changes a bit but is generally the same.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

I don't, actually, but okay! I was actually contemplating using Steam from now on for stuff and think I'm going to do it. Still haven't, but I probably will at some point. I'll have to remember to do that as well, yeah.

Guessing you're on Haruka's story then. Yeah, I think it would have been nice to change the voice if even a little bit, since Haruka and Kanata don't even have the same voice actress. The anime didn't change that either, and it is never explained. Guess they considered it a minor detail.

Back to essays. YAY!

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

Remind me tonight to try and log in to Steam or something. I still haven't done it... Yeah, I know of quite a few older and newer games you can get on Steam as well.

The voice actress was definitely Haruka's, but they may have pitch shifted it a slight bit. Been a while, so I can't say for sure. Yeah... think I'll just wait until Skype to post a wall of text. Or just wait until a call, because it will be easier. Speaking of which, try to get online around 11-ish if possible (I think that's 8-ish your time).

I like writing some papers; it really depends on the topic. I have 2 essays at the moment... well, only 1 now (one I finished last night). He had an axe but was a marine because he was actually a familiar of Chihaya from Gaia with hacks.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

Yeah, I was trying to/about to get it, but it's asking me for my address and postal code. Isn't it a digital download? Why is it asking me this stuff if it just goes on my computer, or is it something they actually have to send to you in the mail? I'm assuming it's not on ale anymore either, considering it's $9.99 again.

Never mind, figured it out and stuff. Currently installing it. I'm surprised I remember this HTML code... brings me back.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

Obtained, noted, eaten. Yeah, A few people I know are more broke than uninterested I suppose. I mentioned it, but no real luck. Could try again some time though. Also practiced a bit as a Hacker/Researcher using Laser based weapons. Funtimes. If you think the game is odd now, have fun whenever you begin a character's route. Also, I've yet to do Chihaya and Akane's routes, so if you get either of there's I'd rather not hear much about it. Any of the others' is coolio. Chances are you'll read it before I do (you completed LB! pretty quickly, anyway).

I originally mentioned Monster Hunter Tri (for the Wii). HOWEVER, a new one came out, Monster Hunter Tri: Ultimate (not a full-priced game). Only problem is that it's for the Wii U, and I don't know if you have one. Tri Ultimate is basically a full game on its own but also includes the original Tri. If you don't have a Wii U, may as well just get Tri. I have both, though. If you don't have a Wii, well, there are PSP Monster Hunters, but the online for them isn't really online; it's more like 'in the same vicinity' online. Fun nonetheless.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

~loli loli hunters~

I went there (Kyousuke(21) lololololol)

Well that's odd. I just got Marvel vs Capcom 3 which has Amaterasu in it (Who's in my team: Amaterasu/Zero/Akuma). Speaking of music, there are some Little Busters! remix stuffs: 1 / 2 / 3

Armored Core is great and all, but I never got to play 5 because of the one profile BS, and my brother bought it anyway. I try to not miss, I guess? I'm more careful with it than I was with my handgun, at least. I hit my mark 8/10 times, but I take more damage since I'm being too careful trying to aim right. Gonna need to do Chihaya's before you can do Akane's route :L I usually only read the VNs between 12-2am, so about 2 hours a day. Could be worse, I guess.

I just remembered something semi-important. Monster Hunter Tri: Ultimate is ALSO on 3DS. The 3DS version can be used with the Wii U version as well, from what I've heard. The Wii U itself is actually kinda fun but there are absolutely no games for it. I have MHTri: U and the game that came with it (Nintendo Land, which is actually pretty neat). I hate it when they release a console/handheld and have nothing going for it... If you want, but probably best to wait until Skypez.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

At least he isn't a siscon. Or is he? Anyway, the person who uploaded that video should probably have made the image... better? Song is actually pretty great, though. Maybe when it comes on Steam I'll get it, if it isn't too expensive. You NEED a team though. You can't just do 1 v 1, as much as I'd like to though. I've been doing well so far (off and online) I guess? Well, I only really know how to play as 3 characters, but in most traditional fighting games people generally don't main the entire cast anyway. I think I generally stick with 3 characters, maybe 4. Play as others for fun, of course.

I hate Gaia's ideals and stuff, but, I gotta say, the route is more 'fun' than the Guardians' routes. Granted, I haven't done Akane's yet and have yet to finish Chihaya's. I will zip zee lipz.

Will download in stuff. Main reason I wanted to wait until Skype was because I wasn't sure if I'd read and respond to a message in time. Luckily, I don't have plans of any kind.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

Some Ghost? I didn't know you liked SCP...or megaman...OR FIRE EMBLEM! Learn something new every day...--TokyoMania45 (talk) 21:39, May 26, 2013 (UTC)

Yeah, I haven't finished Chihaya's route yet, just got to the point where Sakuya becomes the best character ever. Basically Kotarou and Chihaya are about to follow the Key to Akane. Nishikujou is the kind of person that you'd love to be her ally but hate to be her enemy, I suppose.

Anyway, as for Monster Hunter stuff, pre-ordering the game gives you a PDF file for your computer that is the complete strategy guide (everything you need to know from item drops to monster's weaknesses and more). I have it on my computer, so I could just give it to you some time. Let me know whenever you want it (Today, Friday, Saturday, etc.) I have to give it through Skype or something though, since you can't just find a download for it.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

Just saying that's all. --TokyoMania45 (talk) 00:55, May 29, 2013 (UTC)

Yeah, considering the timing of things, it might just be best to wait until Friday now, unless you can get on tomorrow night, in which case just sign onto Skype around some point between 9-12 (I think that's 6-9 your time). Otherwise, Friday.

When you play online the quests are actually completely separate/different and the difficulty is different. People can't help you through the main story; the online is a different component entirely with it's own ranking system and such. It's neato.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

Downloaded. It's difficult to say what my favourite monster is, but that's definitely one of them. I wanna say Nargacuga, because the weapons you can make from the materials are all really coolio, but I also like Alatreon, Tigrex, and Lagiacrus is also really high up there. Agnaktor is my favourite to fight (think I mentioned that before) but also makes some nice armor/weapons.

~CONGLATURATION~ I still haven't started Akane's yet... Goddammit.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

~Urahara ff~

In memory of Snuggles the Reisen.

I also caught a Wriggle which quickly passed away whilst training. Then I caught a Keine who being a badass. Finally, a special attacker and guards against critical hits (like Kisume). Just before Koga, at the moment (haven't went to Safari Zone yet).

Anyway, main reason for messaging is that I won't be available on Friday. I'm going to a cancer relay thing with my family and staying the night at the campground area. I'll be back Saturday, but Friday is a nope.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

Haven't played much today, got quite a bit of work to do. Simply caught a Hourai at the Safari Zone. Found, like, 5 Kedama and 2 Kogasa (which I already have) before finding something. Turned out to be Huggles the Hourai.

I actually have a bit of a question/favour regarding the thing. Since I'm not sure when or what we'll be doing the thing, would it be possible for me to start a bit earlier? I won't upload or do anything, but just have a lot of footage to work with for when we do begin, in case something arises (I am going camping this summer for about a week, just dunno when exactly). From the way things are now, I can only really record on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Could go into more detail or talk about it during Skype (any time this week, other than Friday), as I don't know when I'll check back here or respond.

Actually, I'm not going to school tomorrow morning because it's that time of year again. ~E3~

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

Just beat Koga, she almost got Yamame killed. Yamame was the star, actually. Gonna use explosion? Just gonna use dig, since I'm faster than you. From what I can tell, she's pretty all-around. At Lv. 22 her stats seem pretty equal, honestly. Slightly higher attacks, but eh.

Either tonight or Saturday. I'll just be on Skype pretty much whenever. Might be better today so I don't forget anything? Either/or. ~TIME TO FINISH DATA TABLES~

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

After watching Nintendo's E3 stream, I decided to play some Touhoumon.

Hourai evolved into Goliath. I literally, and my brother can vouch for this, just said 'what' repeatedly until the end of the evolution. I don't even know what to believe anymore.

Also, how will we go about the 'islands'? They aren't mandatory, so should we just ignore them or only do one that you're lead to after defeating Blaine? Doing all of the islands is a bit much, I think. It would be post Elite 4 anyway, so it wouldn't work.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

I collected a data chart thing for the Gym Leaders:

Lv. 17
Lv. 24
Lt. Surge:
Lv. 26
Lv. 33
Lv. 47
Lv. 49
Lv. 53
Lv. 55

Those are their highest levels, and, as you said, we should be 2 levels below them (or at least, our highest level should be). If you go into the battle 2 levels lower, but a Touhou levels up during the fight (making it not 2 levels below) I'm assuming that's okay though, yeah? Because that's kinda unpredictable. Anyway, you should copy that somewhere, I do suppose.

In addition, I will not be gone Friday night anymore. We can't stay the night because we couldn't get anyone to watch the dog, therefore me and my brother will be coming home. I also quite the 'practice run' of Touhoumon and decided I'll just go straight to the actual thing whenever I get the chance. I beat Blaine, just kinda stopped there. Hopefully this does not bite my behind later on.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

Just go on whenever. I'll be signed in for a while, etc. etc. If not, tomorrow or the day after. I'd just like to know as soon as possible for whenever I do start 'n stuff.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

I'm not playing Merry. I'M PLAYIN' RENKO VERSION, YEAH! Same game, different skin, you know, etc etc etc.

Anyway, character name is Arche.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

~Blühende Nacht~


Hmm, maybe Thursday or later you can show me what you do and see if I can figure something out (provided you don't find the problem). Not sure I'll be able to be of help, 'cause I dunno anything about how Windows 8 works.

If I can't find the problem, well, that'll suck. I guess I won't mind doing it myself, as it will be an experience. In other topics, did you say you have MineCraft, or was that only on the XBax? You should totally attempt to find it.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

Hahaha... I still need to play that game. Really is one of the best OSTs ever.

Well, saves me time. I know of a program called CamStudio that's free, but it isn't exactly practical or of good quality. You may just have to do post commentary, as you said earlier. Either that, or nothing/take a break.

Exams begin Friday, however, I don't have an exam Friday (mine are Monday through Wednesday), so I be good for things Thursday. My skin is Momiji (yep) but I also like me my Yamame and Marisa skins. Is it Marth? Because that was awesome. Too bad Dean died soon after it actually began to be a thing.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

Similarly, a guy who did music for another game is combing back to do music for another in the series (after not participating in 2 games before it). Just let me know if you figure something out for the GBA problem and whatnot. I personally like Asuho, just sayin'. I'm reading 3 Visual Novels (or 2.5?) now. Oh man.

Another thing I forgot to mention is that in order to connect in MineCraft I 'think' we need to have the same version. Mine is 1.4.7 (IIRC, if I try and get the newest version a problem arises. Again, I may just be recalling wrong). This was when me and 'Chen' were screwing around. If all goes wrong, I can ask him how to fix it, as I know we did last time. As for the skin, awesome. I honestly didn't think of that or even if there would be one. And, as for texture packs, I never really used them. I have a Legend of Zelda and unfinished Touhou one, but never really use them, though they can be pretty silly and coolio. Damn straight.

Our exams work on a day-to-day thing depending on the classes. 1st period class has its exam Friday, 2nd period had its exam on Monday, 3rd is Tuesday, and so on.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

Oh, yeah, it was for Donkey Kong Country. The composer's name is David Wise (he did the music for the first and second games and is coming back for the newest one). I still don't really know much about anyone. I pretty much JUST past the trip to the café and Asuho reminds me of someone I know so far. It's funny because I'm legally an adult. Also, trains.

Thinking back, I believe it was a problem on his end, and not mine. Again, I just dunno. I'm sure if I update it won't be a big deal, anyway. Gonna need good ol' Hamachi, though. True enough, there are literally skins for everything almost. Infested Terran not as scary as zombies turning into Yoshika! ...yeah.

The Dean Sword made my day.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

Yeah, that's why I was being ambiguous. Though, DKC2 is pretty well-known for its OST. Stickerbrush Symphony and Krook's March to name a few. Past the intro, was not expecting there to be one, considering how long it took. I liked the music a lot, but the opening was pretty 'standard'. I dunno? FUNTIMES. Life is too short to be little. Man is never so manly as when he feels deeply, acts boldly, and expresses himself with frankness and with fervor.

Trains are everything. The texture isn't finished, and I'm almost certain it never will. Hasn't been updated in forever, so, stuck with Yoshikas and sheep with tengu hats. That also occurred to me. What will our goal be? Take the safer and easier route, slaying the Enderdragon, or finish what they could not and take up swords upon the Wither? Or dick around and beat up some Skultans.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

That's fine (or was fine). I'm gonna be gone for a bit tonight, but I should be back well before 11-12 (my time). Just saying just in case.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

~Steel Tower~

Look at reality, with emptied eyes.

Dunno if you want to try again Wednesday and so on. Up to you. Regardless, valiant effort. Friggin' creepers.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

Yo, sorry for disrupting you. But I need to ask, do you like Fairy Tail? My little brother wants me to ask everyone I know. Again, sorry if I'm bothering you in such random notice. --TokyoMania45 (talk)

I'm totally up for trying again as well, and I agree. There is a thing, though. I have that grad dance thing Thursday night and may be staying the night at a friend's house after. It's unlikely, but that said, I probably won't be home until 1-2am my time if I decide not to stay the night. I'll be fine for Wednesday and so on, aside from the lack of sleep and maybe being tired.

You may be interested in this, I dunno? I haven't seen it because reasons.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

Downloaded both the things.

People decided to change plans while I was gone, so I have to help my grandparents move in the morning rather than the afternoon (like we originally planned...) Given the fact that I basically didn't sleep last night (ended up staying the night at friends' house) and have to get up early, I dunno how I will fare. Might be best to just save MineCraft for tomorrow night instead. I did take a nap earlier for a couple hours, though.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

Yeah, still don't see him anywhere. I'm assuming I just have to wait until later in the game or something, then it will work, so thanks and stuff. Unless the 1 charm you start with doesn't count, and you need to get it 1 higher. I read in the female protag's story that it's another guy that I've seen before. Beginning speculation.

I don't have to go out until 8pm tomorrow, so I should be fine for tonight. I might want to sleep slightly earlier, but I dunno. Tomorrow night I might not come on, we'll see how I feel then.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being


The song is so relatable it hurts.

I was planning on going to bed a bit earlier today since I woke up at 3pm, which isn't exactly normal. I'll still be on Skype, but I'll be talking with someone and probably won't call or anything. Maybe tomorrow or sometime later though. Also, Bunny Man. I know nothing but the name, but I will wait...

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

I am the complete opposite of a morning person, and despite saying I want to sleep early I couldn't sleep and ended up lying in bed from 2 until half past 3. Anyway, should be on tonight probably.

I didn't see your messages until now, so I didn't even download it. Good thing I guess? I have a friend that actually really likes that group, can't say the same for myself, but definitely not bad.

Some words lately have reminded me of a certain something. This time it was laptop. A blessing or a curse, I don't know.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

I know of it, yep. That sounds awesome, I was debating as to whether or not I would read it though. I wanted to watch AIR again, as I think I said before, because the plot was kind of a clusterfuck to me. I was younger when I saw it, so seeing or reading it again I'll probably better grasp it. I'll think about it, but I'd definitely have to finish Rewrite first. I've also had a strong want to watch CLANNAD again.

I should be on too as usual. I may be call tonight as well depending on things.

Legendary Illusion Shinki The Infinite Being

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