I hope that there is a Genius of Sappheiros 2. With all characters from Hopeless Masquarade and the Previous Game of Genius of Sappheiros Game (excluding Lithos). Same stages except that there could be a new stage in between Magic Forest & Former Hell of Blazing Fires. It could be the stage when you recruit Futo & Miko and it could be the new stage 4. So that means Former Hell of Blazing Fires & Palace of Earth Spirits could be Stages 5 & 6 now, and the Netherworld could be Stage 7, and Mezunika could be Stage 8, etc. There won't be a change to 10, so Stage 10 stays the same, so Stage 9 instead of being Stage 10 will be Stage 11. The Netherworld, Mezunika, & The Stage with flowers could have new BGMs. New Stages could be added in between stages except for the 4 Final Stages of the Game. In this game, the characters will not stop being recruited after recruiting Youmu, it will stop after recruiting Mamizou & Koroko. So that means there Reisen would be recruited in Stage 11. 4 more Touhou Characters that were neither playable characters in Hopeless Masqurade or Genius of Sappheiros. Tenshi, Utsuho, Kaguma, & Lyrica.

So new plot, new investingation, & new culprit. If the new The Genius of Sappheiros which would be called: The Genius of Sappheiros 2. I hope the game will come soon.

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