Make sure you get your hands on it by checking out the download links on the Ten Desires main page.

This demo won't fill out our Ten Desires page completely but we can start getting all the information we have in. I built a skeleton with the proper templates when it was announced and now I'll be filling in the blanks.

Unfortunately I'm a bit pressed for time for the next few days so the updates will come slow, if you want to update the pages related to Ten Desires yourself feel free to, as you can't mess anything up that can't be fixed if you are unfamilar with things, otherwise I will fill it out as I can.

Just remember:

  • Stick to the format used in the other Touhou game pages.
  • Look at the Undefined Fantastic Object pages if you want an idea of how the Ten Desires page should be built.
  • The character pages aren't made yet, so you might not mess with them if you feel uncomfortable with templates.

I'm not rushing to get any of this up, at any rate, right now everyone should just take it easy and enjoy the demo.

We'll say more on the podcast this weekend.

VS3025 20:00, April 15, 2011 (UTC)

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