Reitaisai 8 has been rescheduled for May 8th. News of this announcement was made here. I imagine we will be seeing the Ten Desires demo around this time.

As I'm sure most people have heard by now, Japan was rocked by a massive earthquake, followed by a destructive tsunami and many large earthquake aftershocks.

Pertaining to the Touhou Project Wiki:

  • Reitaisai 8 has been canceled, announcement on a new date forthcoming, but they have other things to worry about right now.
  • Touhou 13 demo delayed.
  • ZUN is fine.
  • Tenshi Hinanawi wanted for questioning.

I hope everyone is having good luck contacting their friends and family overseas to make sure they are ok.

If you haven't had a chance to check out the news yet, you can get an idea of what happened at


If you are interested in donating to disaster relief, consider donating to the American Red Cross. They are connected with Red Cross chapters across the globe, including the Japanese Red Cross. If the Japanese Red Cross decides they don't need anymore global assistance, your donation can go to a wide variety of other relief efforts.

Many people visiting this page use facebook. The Red Cross also has a page there where you can donate and support their cause.

  • This site has a lot of donation places listed that people all around the world can contribute to here.
  • On Wikia they are giving one $1 every re-tweet of this message to help the cause. Anyone with a twitter account is welcome to help out.
  • It is also said that Crunchyroll, now affiliated with Wikia, will match contributions.

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