• TheNoid

    Hello, I'm just doing some blatent self-promotion. Check out my account here if you're interested: []

    I've written three fanfics for Touhou, perhaps you'll be interested if I showed you the OCs I've... quite haphazardly thrown in!

    This is Mateyuu Dawitsu, the part-time antagonist in Touhou Doujin: Dawitsu's folly, and the sort of protagonist of Touhou Doujin: Holiday edition. I called it that because originally I hand-drew a comic, but now it's sort of been overtaken by the fanfic version. Eh, I suck.

    He's a Youkai of some kind, but he never cares to elaborate. However, seen as he was born and raised in the outside world, he's lived alongside humans long enough to not want to eat them. He…

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