I was recently solving some anagrams for a friend when I decided, why not make my own anagram? But I got bored, so I began putting Touhou names in. The results were hilarious. So here is the anagram of every Touhou character (bar Nue) with both a first and last name, but a name is not put next to them. Solve 'em yourself!!

I a murkier hue.

I am a smirk raise.

An able Ankara.

Krakau as OK air.

Aha! Yuck! I air rakish wit.

I'm Kamizake you.

Hero mining.

Hallowed, poetic gunk.

Ya! Is okay Uzia.

Is alert miracle.

Called transfer.

Is rank suit.

To witty heckler.

A matricidal ogre.

Hey, ill wit!

I'm a rival spurners.

Prim reviler in Mrs.

Scrimpier rivalry.

Yum! Up auk on OK.

Joy! I... I guys you auk.

Yum, Anorak!

Yum! Okay kauri.

I... I, kabuki us.

The wriggling bug.

Mire loyalties.

I am a shriek as in weak.

I win a beat.

Debonair, inane genius.

Okay! I or in ogre.

Aha! Okay as in guru.

I am a woo junk four.

I am a mushy area.

Domicile clean hymen.

Yum! I a Kazak.

OK! I am a zoo chunk.

Aha! In a mixed sukiyaki.

Huh! I as Izak.

I'm OK air in OK.

Aha, ya! I'm a king.

Rakish wino ratio.

I-I'm a jumbo in Irish.

In as Okay ache.

As OK as an kayak. (Author's Note: I realize the grammatical error, but the original was 'An OK as a kayak.' and I wanted to improve it.)

I am a you works.

Auk in age.

Ha! This inane win.

I am unready amok.

I'm a haze up hisser.

Ugh, ugh is "I'm a you".

I'm a joke or it is.

Inane bury okay.

Juries out, Hui.

Hi! Oi! I'm ski joke.

OK! A rat as a tag.

I'm... I irk in ouch.

I'm Satanism aurum.

A humorous rat.

Bike injury hair?!

Ha Ha! It die make out.

My! In 'n' sulk.

Dull chain.

Pirate's sharp.

Ok, ok, snaky audio.

Okay... Is Okay him?

Usage kaki.

OK. So goat, join!

Boo! Not on of menu.

So omit "I'm an okay motion".

I fatuous mazuma wit.

They're silly xD As a bonus, here's an anagram of one of my favourite books:

Wind 'n' ruling.

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