• SilconYoukai

    First days going well !

    February 19, 2015 by SilconYoukai

    So I'm very happy to say that my blog on Tumblr seems to be doing well, and my Twitter account seems to have exploded. +/- 50-60 a day follow me and visit my tumblr content. They dont seem to follow me on tumblr but they watch the articles and retweet them even though most of them are Japanese. Tumbr accumulates about 10 followers per day wich brings me to almost 70 followers today in 6 days wich is not bad at all. Good replies, lots of likes and reblogs. Tottally awesome !!

    What would be really nice now is some exclusive content, especially video's so if anyone knows where I could get some cool content thats not readily available online or if your looking for exposure for your Dojin artwork I'd love to help you and share your work.

    In the t…

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  • SilconYoukai

    Marisa on the move

    February 15, 2015 by SilconYoukai

    I started a blog on a couple of social media sites to share my collection of Touhou and Anime fanart, video's and music I come across everyday. The main blog is on Tumblr and I want to update daily with a "Marisa quote of the day", comics and fan-anime series and lots of photo's. You may come across some adult stuff aswell so it's not 4 the little ones okay !

    check it out and send me stuff if you want to contribute. especially subtitled anime is very welcome aswell as PDF comics.

    Here are the pages:

    I'll post here too to keep you updated.

    Silcon out !

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  • SilconYoukai

    I'm currently working on a Touhou style danmaku for Android. It would be cool to find some experienced Java/Android developers interested in building out the game since I'm not the greatest programmer. However I'm an excellent graphics artist and know my way around music and effects aswell. I've got a design document halfway ready.

    The concept is the following: You start as either Reimu or Marisa with their standard weapons, when killing enemies and bosses you gain credits, with these you can buy/unlock more characters and their weapons, you can then equip weapons from other characters. Theres also a shield option to keep you from dying (for a bit ;)

    If anyone thinks he or she could contribute to this the source (so far) is on github: https:…

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  • SilconYoukai

    Hey Gensokyo residents,

    I found this album on youtube, it has some excellent remixes of some Touhou masterpieces on it.

    You can get it fro free here:

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