Touhou Project.., me, a lunatic fan, so far I created wikias on some characters and a couple offcial games. I listen to thier music ALL THE TIME, and I became so adicted to it. ZUN did a great job, along with Team Shanghai Alice. Two of my favorite characters are Flandre Scarlet and Lily White. It's too bad Shizuha, Minoriko and Medicine are the 3 least popular characters, and this is what upsets me. They need more love. I feel bad for Parsee because she's always jealous. I also feel heart-broken for Yuyuko, who died from a suicide. I understand that she did this in order to seal Saigyou Ayakashi, but this is just sad to hear she died. Anyway, I love Flandre's theme, why? Because it's BOMB! Flandre and Lily should be playable in the next Touhou game. At least Lily is in Touhou 13.5:Hopeless Masquerade, as a background character. Tewi, the mischevious rabbit, gets me all suspicious...Meiling and Komachi slack off a lot and Sakuya and Shikieiki don't like that.

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