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Touhou 12.8 ~ Replay Manager

Yousei Daisensou Replay Manager, which transfer the replay faster than using copy paste method. (even this program is using same method)

Features Supported:

  • Dual-Language (English or Indonesian)
  • Replay Index Changes
  • Quick Copy to Replay Directory
  • Quick Copy to Target Directory
  • Quick Delete Replay


  • Z - Copy replay to dir
  • X - Copy replay from dir
  • C - Delete replay
  • Ctrl - change language (between English and Indonesian)
  • Shift - change replay index

Upcoming Features:

  • Supports User Data Replay up to 50 slots (like what i've just tried)
  • Supports Comversion between User data into Self data and vice versa

Download : (if broken link tell me, then i reupload using anonymous account)

Mirror by me: (if broken link tell me, since i'm using this account)

Mirror by other: (if broken link, i don't have any responsibility)

  • Mirror 1
  • For another link, please mirror it :D (by pressing "Save to My Account" at MediaFire, you can directly mirror "copy" a file)

NOTE: I forget to add 50 USER replay slots.

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