This is sorta like a story of sorts which it doesn't have an ending.... yet.

Basically, I write down stuff on what I think, questions on how to do stuff, and prepared to take abuse from others!

That being said, fire away and feel free to pilfer my ideas!

This blog is 100% Gensokyo Approved

100% Touhou Approved

Day 1

I joined after being appalled that the Labyrinth of Touhou: Dungeon Guide does not link onto the other floors.
After doing so, I found it strangely rewarding!
After a few spelling corrections, I decided to add the maps as I felt users must feel annoyed to click onto another site just to see another map.
To my extreme surprise, they were meant to be that way to comply with copyright issues...
So, I reverted them back after mindlessly typing back the site and scores of captchas
(Thus making my editing number higher than it should be.)
The staff and community were nice and encouraging, and I decided to end the day right there.

Day 2

Coming back, I thought the MegaMari: Weapons page could look better by adding an " advantage or vs " when it comes to deciding on which girl(Marisa or Alice) should get the weapon.
It basically would tell which girl would benefit more using certain weapons.
That being said, I now must download the game (and English patch) and found out myself.
That is going to take all night, so I think my day ends now...

Day 3

Man, did I mess up! Turns out, MegaMari already has something like my idea!
Ah well, it was a pretty sweet game, so it wasn't a total loss...
As for the Labyrinth of Touhou: Dungeon Guide, I fail miserably.
My map making skills are subpar and even would make Cirno cry. Sniff...

Day 4

I learned a few new tricks and I can now stop shamefully copying and pasting other people's text styles!
After working on the Labyrinth of Touhou: Dungeon Guide, I hit a wall... Alice.
I simply can not defeat her, so I'll just say I'm not strong enough yet...
I must now go to my last resort... Grinding Time!

Day 5

While I still can't defeat Alice, I linked up all the Touhou Bosses in Labyrinth!
But... wait a minute... NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I forgot to add the link text!
Now I gotta go back and add them!
The day is pretty much ended there...

Day 7

I know, I know. I didn't write yesterday...
But I was having so much fun watching the Touhou M-1 Grand Prix Movies!
I especially like Team TewiKourin (see video here)
3rd Touhou M-1 Grand Prix TewiKourin Manzai 1 English Subs07:50

3rd Touhou M-1 Grand Prix TewiKourin Manzai 1 English Subs

Anyway, onto some more Labyrinth of Touhou!

Day 17

After not blogging for 10 days made me question my priorities, so here I am again!
Right now, I'm juggling 3 Major projects, Blizzard of Faith & Revenge, Touhou Mother,and Touhoumon.
All 3, excellent games that I must complete!
(Hopefully not on my own, but it's starting to look that way...)
I may have found a promising member though!
Only time will tell, and I hope Sakuya doesn't take that from me...
On another note, Blogs Online is... well online!
View Now!
Blog Posts

Day 18

...And a day later I return to find my work largely ignored...
It looks like I still have no team...
So I guess I'll work on all 3 wikis myself!
It won't be pleasant, but it's for the community, right?
I'm still throwing this out there, but it's beginning to look futile, but anyway, join my team and we can do things!
Like filling in all the emptiness presented!
And perhaps read the blogs your fellow commuters bothered to create...
Don't be shy.

Day 19

Ah well.
The community is a sleepy bunch!(not unlike Yukari)
So now, I must be Ran and do everything!
And while I'm at it, I think I'll give myself 5-stars!
(Any objections, please notify me!)
The articles are going along quite nicely, although I must learn how to create proper tables, but that can be fixed later!

Day 20

This is Day 20 since I joined.
Things in Touhou Mother's wiki are going quite nicely.
The thing is writing...
It takes a lot of time, but it's for the community, right?
I see that the community is quite busy with the sudden surge of other wikis, so I respectfully withdraw my remark that they are sleepy.
No, they are the awake giant, a collective ready to serve and rightfully so.
Now, I must do my part of this collage we are weaving and take Touhou Mother, Blizzard of Faith & Revenge and Touhoumon as my personal projects.
With one final remark before I begin anew, I say Let's a-go!

Day 21

Day 21 and I officially start the blog contest!
It's open ended and I am participating as well! (Don't worry, I'll be unbiased and the community is judging anyway, not me.)
All I do is tally the votes under the watchful eyes of the community!
Why am I doing this, you may ask?
Well, with only 10 blogs (and counting) I feel that it's underutilized and at best only a personal help page.
To me, that's sad as it could be so much more!
The blog is your personal piece of the pie, a medium to express yourself.
At the end of your editing day, you can sit down, reflect and there is no greater satisfaction!
So, make a blog today!
(If we're lucky, this will be added to the community portal, or maybe even the top content!)
And now, I wait...
While this is going on, I'll continue adding content to Touhou Mother!
How great is that?

Day 23

Yeah, I skipped a day.
But, it's ok.
Because, I categorized some images!
Plus, I'm helping out with the community portal emergencies that desperately have been unchanged for far too long!
I am happy to say that people are beginning to notice my work and are happily (or grudgingly, depends on their mood) helping out as well!
Thanks guys!
I think today's gonna be a good day! ^_^

Day 24


It happened.




Now, we are Team Aelko Nezen, a name from the Albino Monster's clan!

He's very useful too!

When you stare at rows of letters at 3:00.A.M. in the morning, you tend to make mistakes...

Thank you Krawky398!

Thanks for having my back;I'm sure to do the same!

Any project/cat/mouse/house/etc you need help with, I'm there!

I'll try to draw a Neat pic!

Day 25

It took me several hours, but I did it!

Our symbol is up and man does it look great!

To top that off, we gained a new member; Wltr3565, who looks promising enough!

The only downside I can think of is not doing much of anything else... (Please forgive me!)

I'll be sure to put more Touhou Mother up and with Krawky398 and Wltr3565 by my side,

Team Aelko Nezen will better the community!

Day 26

Ok, I screwed up.

I tried to add in the community's names and after being kindly told that it already exists, I had to undo all of it.

It was 200+ and I will gladly allow any admin to reduce my post count by 200, heck even by half!

I feel really bad, but now I must put this behind me and look forward with the Touhou Mother Project!

I completed even more and made my Page look a little more Professional!

Now, I wait for my comrades to make the proper adjustments to the pages!

Day 27


I did it.

I finally found a translated page that everyone was waiting for.

Tell your friends; Blizzard of Faith & Revenge is out with 100% easier navigating!

Now, there is only one issue I have left to begin translating the project.

What is that?

Like any translator, you sorta, I dunno, maybe,um, being able to SEE said text!?!

Maybe my comrades are willing to wrap their head around this?

They'll be at a advantage, as they'll be going in fresh.

I, on the other hand, am close to tearing my hair out.

(But that doesn't mean I'll stop, I'll gladly run the risk of going bald!)

And this isn't limited to my team; I welcome anyone to try making the text appear!

You don't have to join to help me(But you are more than welcome too.)

So what are you waiting for?

Help the community by making this amazing game playable!




See here to learn how to play this game, Blizzard of Faith & Revenge:Trouble Shooting

Took me awhile, but I did promise the community I'll get it working!

Day 28

It's alive!

I resurrected Blizzard of Faith & Revenge page!

I'm so happy!

With my friend RegalStar, we will translate the game as best we can.

But, now I must shift my priorities around since Krawky398 and Wltr3565 are standing by for me to finish the Touhou Mother page!


My solution is to alternate between both every day!

See for yourselves, my team and I are working tirelessly to provide you with the most accurate and helpful information possible!

Thanks guys, you give me the motivation to keep on trucking! ^_^

Day 32

Sorry about not doing anything for 4 days, I had to move around the country... but now, I'm back!

I probably won't post much because I'm still recovering from my 16hr per day trip, but I'll be raring to go tomorrow.

I'm just here saying I'm alive and kicking!

Day 34

You probably (or haven't...) that I haven't been updating...

I'm guilty of Shrine Maiden Syndrome (SMS for short).

But I'm on something else now, and that is Super Smash Sisters Touhou! (Or the other spelling Super Smash Girls Touhou)

I'm focusing on this for now and get back to the other guides later.

Teaser:Expect a blast from the past!

You can find the page here! Super Smash Sisters Touhou

And a big thank you to RegalStar!

He single-handly translated the elusive Blizzard of Faith & Revenge!

Now the community can finally understand (somewhat) what's going on!

Direct any and all thanks to him!

Day 36

I missed a blog day, but I still updated!

So now, I finally added all the SDM Characters and some of the PC-98 Characters in Super Smash Girls Touhou!

However I got on extra SDM character left and I still got more people left to do before I move to the next Genre!

At the end( I won't spoil it now), you might find a amazing thing!

So, I'll also make a Nazeo notes page, sorta what my thoughts are on the Characters, game and personal wise.

(An example would be Alice plays like Olimer, or Reimu plays like Mario.)

Yeah, I base em, but i don't make them too apparent.!

Some, like Patchy, are totally original!

Day 42

Yeah... it's been almost a week...

But, I've been very busy!

So... the flow of updates are beginning to dry up, but I'll let you know when they're flowing like water again!

Day 50

Updates are still dry, but school, combined with all sorts of other things cause me to be off for awhile.

Weekends seem best for me at the moment....

Day 61

I came back and stepped all over peoples toes today!

It's ok, because this place was too quiet anyway!

I still am busy, but for now, It's time to Rock and Roll!

Day 68

I've done it!

The special disk of Labyrinth of Touhou has help files which I have translated and now put on megaupload!

So, I'll post later the address of said upload and you can use the info to update the database, including the all new spells section!

Day 972

My my, it sure has been awhile. I remember 2 years ago when I first started this "story". You of course remember when I mentioned that this did not have an ending. And here I am now, ready to write the final chapter here. Thanks for the memories~

Till then, my friends, it's been fun.

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