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    And here we go!

    July 2, 2010 by Nazeo

    This is sorta like a story of sorts which it doesn't have an ending.... yet.

    Basically, I write down stuff on what I think, questions on how to do stuff, and prepared to take abuse from others!

    That being said, fire away and feel free to pilfer my ideas!

    This blog is 100% Gensokyo Approved

    I joined after being appalled that the Labyrinth of Touhou: Dungeon Guide does not link onto the other floors.
    After doing so, I found it strangely rewarding!
    After a few spelling corrections, I decided to add the maps as I felt users must feel annoyed to click onto another site just to see another map.
    To my extreme surprise, they were meant to be that way to comply with copyright issues...
    So, I reverted them back after mindlessly typing back the site and scor…

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