First Day - FW Arrives and So Begins Trial and Error

After a long morning of setting up threads and such on another site, I've finally got my hands on the new game, Fairy Wars.
I have to say, it's REALLY fun! Even on Easy, bullets get really dense and the whole screen turns into a huge mess of bullets. Of course, since my eyes are bad, I'm seeing way more bullets than there should be.
Nonetheless, the game is fun, but I have not finished it yet nor do I know what Cirno and the fairies are saying! I wish I could help with the translations, but I have no experience at all!
Anyways, the game really do involve lots of freezing, so I find it best not to be shy when using Cirno's powers. But, I like to use it most often when the bullets get really dense. But that's just me.
Anyways, if I can't help with the translations, maybe I can help a bit by listing what bosses you face each route/stage?
That's pretty much it for now. Any tips?

First Day and Three Fourths - So Begins Another Futile Attempt

After arriving from a friend's party, I decided to play a bit of FW again before I get off. And, thus, that begun another futile attempt at trying to finish the game.
Again, using lots of Continues (for now, maybe it's just not my day, haha?), but there seems to be more than last time. Nonetheless, despite the fail dodging but very decent freezing (this is on Easy, so it's sad), I've made it farther than this morning in the Final fight. Managed to scrape past with only one leg to spare the fairies' first three spellcards.
It's very fun, even if I'm constantly using Continues... I've mastered A-1 though.
Plus, do you know how fun it is to freeze all the bullets? The freezing sound is very pleasant, especially if you catch tons of bullets! The denser, the more fun!

Second Day - Close, But No Cigar

Tried beating the game again, this time doing something different, and that was picking A2 instead of A1.
I very much like picking Route A, because, well, I like Luna Child.
Anyways, Sunny Milk wasn't so bad in A2, it's just the amount of bullets in A2-3 drove me insane. Surprisingly, I didn't lose my cool. Maybe it's just because I'm sleepy?
Another fail attempt, but I'm still trying! Star Sapphire should stop with those waves of bullets, they have to be one of my weaknesses. Well, at least my eyes stayed with me...
I'll just try again later~ Maybe pick Route B or C this time for a change?

Second Day and Five Eighths - Helping the Wiki Out

Today is a wonderful Sunday, the day where I really become lazy- no, I meant relaxed!
Anyways, I'll take a little break from playing FW and just help the Wiki out with the spellcard pages. Shouldn't be too bad.
As of now... I'm uploading only Easy spellcards (because it's the only difficulty I can do).
So far, so good~
Current Progress

Any help will be appreciated. Cooperation is key (it's not only for fairies!)!
17:49 PST Update - Work will proceed tomorrow morning or so. Homework must be finished, or it will never end...

Third Day - Breakfast and Bullets

I'm not planning to play FW this morning, but, it would be interesting to eat breakfast while dodging bullets.
On a more serious note, I'm glad that the spellcards pages have been tweaked a little. I hope that I can finish more pictures today. I do feel lonely as no one else is putting up pictures.
Oh well~ Maybe they're busy running stages for the pictures!? Ha!

Fourth Day - Typhoon Tuesdays

Well, sorry about yesterday. I did not expect to be flooded with so much homework, not to mention also be very tired from my physical activity class! I was expecting to play some FW, but man...
Anyways, after a day break from FW, I have tried again to finish the game. No success! ...As always. I've seen some improvement though. Maybe I should just pick A2 because I dislike Star Sapphire's bullets the most? Eh, but then I would have to face her in A2-3! Oh my!
Well, I'm planning to play some Touhou Hisoutensoku today, since it IS Typhoon Tuesday. Fweh~
That's pretty much it for now... Too tired!

Fifth Day - Agony of Multiple Defeats

I honestly feel like giving up now, but I must not finish the blog like this! No, I can't! Anyways, thinking I had some spare time today, I could take more pictures of more spellcards.
I was wrong. It looked like my C-1 Route replay barely made it to the Final. Darn! I'll have to try again tomorrow...
Just a bit sad now. I must not give up though...

Ninth Day - Almost There!

Good news. Great improvement! Almost finished Route C but I think I failed on Fairy Overdrive. Darn.
That's honestly the farthest I've got so far! I managed to keep my cool during the final fight, even if there were too many bullets on the screen that it lowered my FPS.
Surprising how just waking up in the morning works! I'll try again later... So many continues though...

Ninth Day and 5/⑨ - Another Try, No More?

I tried Route A again, but I've just gotten a bit too rusty during these few days of break. Nevertheless, I decided to just try again tomorrow, or maybe on Tuesday. I promised someone I would relax today, and I've broken the promise so much today.
Stressstressstress. I'm hanging in there, though! I'm not letting this game beat me! For I am not the strongest!!!
I just had to make that old pun, there. Maybe I couldn't count, and this really isn't the ⑨th day? Doesn't matter to me! I'm just tired.
Anyways, I decided to try out Route B this time and managed to get a few screenshots of spell cards. Alas, the replay doesn't save replays after a Continue, so all the footage in B2-2 was lost. I am planning to redo the stage later or maybe some other day for screenshots for the spellcard page. It's not fun how Route B gets barely any love...
Anyways, I'm out for now!

Tenth Day - Ultimate Detour Back

I have decided to take a little break from Fairy Wars and continue my work on putting up pictures for the Scarlet Weather Rhapsody and Touhou Hisoutensoku spell card sections. It looks like that the SWR spell cards are almost done, not counting skill cards. I'll need to remove any thumbnail some time, but not today since today is my day off (with the failure day off yesterday).
The only pages needed to be "finished" up are -

Looks like some skill cards are missing images. So, I'll have to get to uploading those later before moving onto Hisoutesoku! Should I upload a screenshot? I'll do that when I'm mostly done with everything! So many things to fix! Skillcard pages to direly add images to -

Excluding the check everyone's skill cards part. That's for SWR. As of Hisoutensoku, it seems that only Suwako's, Utsuho's, and Meiling's spell cards are quite finished. I need to add the descriptions of each spell card AND skill card. No sweat.
I can pretty much do this whenever I can, but it would be nice to have some people help out! It'll help people, you know. I guess?
I'll come back to Fairy Wars whenever I'm ready; I can't have myself upset and stressed tomorrow, because that's my 2nd anniversary with a special someone.

Tenth Day and Nine Sixteenths - Loli Maiden Project!

Loli Maiden Project has been launched! The articles I'm working on have now been added on my User Page under my To-Do List. I hope that someone will able to help me out if they have the time!
I hope to finish these articles as fast as I can!

Twelfth Day - Wonderful Wonderness and Lovely Loveliness

Back from a fantastic day of a 2nd anniversary! ♥
Hopefully I can get started soon on those articles again, but my day is busy today... Another break, this time to my MMORPG's!
Alas, I barely only have a month left, so I must get moving on a few things if I want that "exclusive" pet, "exclusive" character card, and 30 Nao Soulstones. Yes, I'm definitely talking about Mabinogi.
Anyways, I'm curious... For the images for spellcards, should I just make everything not thumbnail? I thought I was being picky with that!...

Twelfth Day and Five Eighths - Progress! ...But Not in Fairy Wars!?

I totally took a detour, nonetheless, I'm glad I've knocked down 2 articles in my whole Loli Maiden Project list. Just Iku's spellcards and I'm done with the spellcards section! Then, onto to skillcards! Woo!
I've been kind of slacking off on my dodging danmaku. I need practice before I attempt FW again! Go go!
Anyways, just glad I could help this Wiki out. And I see that so far I haven't made a really silly mistake! I am just waiting now on the request to rename some spellcards in 12.3 so they match the English patch of 12.3. You know, for less confusion.
Now to wait for some replies! Marona doesn't seem to mind (thanks again!). Time to do my homework in the meanwhile then, hehe~

Twelfth Day and Seven Ninths - Before I Slumber

So, no responses yet.
For those who are curious (and a bit lazy), this is the talk page where I am asking : Talk:Touhou Hisoutensoku: Spell Cards
Anyways, I'm out for today. Just a before slumber thing... Yeah.

Fifteenth Day - Subterranean Animism, Detour Underground

I finally got the time to try out SA (wow, really way off since I'm trying to finish Fairy Wars here), and maybe I can use it as practice for FW (minus the freezing). I honestly don't know.
I kind of lost interest in FW, but maybe I can finish it this weekend? I'll try!
SA has been fun and interesting so far! I can only make it past Satori until I hit a dead-end with Orin on Stage 5... The spellcards in this one are so nice though. Really neat! I'm enjoying Satori's stage a lot since the Easy version of Border Between Wave and Particle is so fun to dodge... Very hypnotic.
Other than that, I can't wait till I get to Utsuho's flaming spheres of nuclear energy and death! My eyes will probably cringe at the brightness!

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