If you have not read my User page yet, I'll give you a nice introduction.
I am Naome, just a young girl who very much likes Touhou and wants to help around here when she can. I mostly do little fixes (some undo-ing here and there, removing random brackets, etc.) and sometimes I fix articles grammatically.
I have a To-Do List though... I really want to contribute to this Wiki. The list is...

  • Add pictures to the cards section for both SWR and Hisoutensoku.
  • Fix any spelling or grammatical mistakes I see. Maybe help with newer articles when it comes to fixing sentences and sentence flow?

Just to sum it up, basically.
Anyways, this is a blog post. Woo? Ehh, well, here are the current articles I'm working on (it's just one)...

I'm mostly fixing around the sentences and sentence flow... I'm doing my best... I might make a few mistakes though, so feel free to fix them! My brain is a bit tired at the moment to do any more editing, but I wish I could actually add something in the article!

Other than that, I'm mostly chilling around here, undo-ing some silly changes. I like to undo changes made in character profiles, and fix some spacing and remove things like an extra bracket or such. Nothing special, but it makes the Wiki look better, yes?

If you're ever working on some pages and need some help, feel free to recruit me. I only specialize in grammatical editing though, so the sentences sound nice and flow smoothly...

Other than that stuff, I'm glad to be here. It's a pleasant Wiki filled with lots of information. That's pretty much it. I'm out~

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