Well since I've been here a lot and done a lot, I figured I could do a blog post. I am called MaronaPossessed around the internet (or just Marona if available). Yes, my name is from Phantom Brave. I love her alot ♥.

The first game of Touhou I've ever played was TH06 ~ Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. It was hard playing shooters and I just wanted to quit because it was so hard (I couldn't even get past easy!). But, I played it for two reasons: the story and music. After many years, I even come up with my own characters (Did you notice the "My Dream" link on the user page?). Too bad I don't have enough time to learn danmakufu...and people started complaining for me paying others to make my game by using a free program. So it's just a dream lingering...

With all depression aside, I have a lot of interests. I love Final Fantasy...only 1-10 though because to me that was the "Golden Age" of that game...and the later games don't feel the same. I also love the MOTHER series, Lufia (or Estopolis) series, Nippon Ichi Games (I played Makai Kingdom, Phantom Brave(Original and We Meet Again), Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories, Disgaea 3, Rhapsody, and La Pucelle Tactics), Portal, and Team Fortress 2. The music I listen to mostly is Video Game Music.

What do I do here? Well...basically janitorial work you might call it. If you look at my user page under the stuff I'm doing, you'll see. I learn as I go along on the wikia. It may change in the future.

What do I do outside of here? Well I am part of a community called and have a YouTube account (insert obvious username here). On my YouTube account, I currently post Touhou Gameplays in slow motion for to help others and show the story. I posted Disgaea soundtracks already in my account: original, arrange, dark label, and maxi single. I also posted the Disgaea 2 maxi single.

Well, that's it for now...I'm thinking my next blog posts will be opinions on Touhou or on the Touhou Wikia.

I wonder if the Japanese can read this...or do they even come here?

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