Note from the editor:Do not tell N00bs or some pervs(Chivalrous pervs are fine though...),people from all across the universe are coming to the interwebz on how to go to Gensyokyo into a reality that most touhou fandom like us have always wanted. This could sharply enchance your erection,fantasies and paranormal encounters. Against that? Then don't do it! But if you want to see your waifu or become a person in Gensyokyo,wear your panties and give it a shot!


Tired of thinking about having fun with Flandre all the time? Want to play with your waifu and feel her directly? You can have a permanent residence in Gensyokyo by going there.


1.You must believe that Gensyokyo exists. Scare a jet black cat in your backyard,play Touhou games,watch animations about Touhou then go to sleep and tickle your mom before that. All that matters is your faith and arousal.

2.After your spirit&soul leaves your body to the dream world,go to the backyard of your house(In the dream of course!)and wait for 15minutes and staring at the location of the cat that you just scared off in the morning at the same time to reach Makai,depending if you are a good person or a bad person. It's worth to wait if you want to go to Gensyokyo without losing your focus on the cat's spot.

3.When you get to Makai,jump to the portal at the very right.

4.Climb up the stairs.

5.Wiggle through the tiny hole that you should see at the left side.

6.The place you should at now looks like a great mansion that the counselor of Gensyokyo lives in. Talk to the maid standing in the corner. Say,Hi! to her,then wave your hand wildly,lick her shoes,and then headbutt her. A dimensional gap should appear behind you.

7. Jump to the gap immediately. The gap will only sustain for 3 seconds before it closes. If you failed for the first try,don't worry. You get a second try and that's it.

8.You should be standing next to a fainted youkai or monster girl that is your own avatar in this world(Gensyokyo). Dive into the body and move around a little bit.

9.A jar head woman with green hair(the judge of hell) or Yuuka(the counselor of Gensyokyo) will appear.She should be asking you whether you want or not to stay in Gensyokyo. Say,yes!

10.Congratulations! You are now officially living in Gensyokyo. To return to Earth,dial 1-800-GAP SERVICES or tell Shikieiki you are gay.

TIPS +Do not skip any of the steps.

+Be polite to Yuuka and Shikieiki

+Have a smile on at all times

+Headbutt the maid on the corner really,reeeaaaally HARD,or else the gap will not appear.

+Have fun conversing and doing things together with your waifu.

+To summon Shikieiki in order to go back to Earth,just die and you will be sent to her.

WARNINGS -If you failed to jump into the gap the second time during the maid level,you will be doomed inside Mugenkan with the maid for the rest of eternity.

-If you tell Shikieiki you are gay,she will give you 3 seconds to prepare before she grabs your ass and throw you all the way back into your home.

-If you tell Yuuka that you like flowers and shows appreciations towards them,she will give you a special sunflower that is capable of casting a lesser version of the Master Spark which is still very dangerous.

-Beware of a Neko that is wearing a schoolgirl uniform with dark and smooth hair. She is actually the manifestation of the cat that you scared earlier and is looking forward to pay you back tenfolds for what you did to her.

-Do not bother Yuuka when she is not around you,because she is famous to open a lesbian sex party plus bdsm activities in Mugenkan and will drag you to join in.You might end up crying in fear because its sexy at the same time its scary af.

-Battle with N00bs and overly perverted peeps that ruin Gensyokyo with your magical powers. It's not a game,but it's like GTA in real life but it's on Gensyokyo.

Blog added:19/6/2017

--Maple Kitsune (talk) 07:44, June 19, 2017 (UTC)MapleKitsune

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