(This is purely fan-made. It in no way intends to change views and opinions about Sanae Kochiya herself. This story is false.)

  Sanae was never a child anyone wanted. She was also a child everyone was scared of. While her entire family was composed of Suwako Moriya's descendants, only Sanae was able to inherit powers from her. When she was just a little girl, a group of delinquents in her neighborhood decided to make fun of her because she was different. Sanae, having broken down into tears, raised her hands to defend herself from an oncoming punch. What happened then was nothing like what she expected. 
  A small but powerful burst of energy was released onto the kids. When she opened her eyes, she saw the kids on the ground about 7 feet in front of her. They were hurt very badly, and struggled just to move. When the residents were alerted, they drove Sanae out of her neighborhood. Her family was there, but they did little or nothing to try and help her. 
  Horrified at what she had done, Sanae ran away out of fear and regret. After escaping, she realized she had a few cuts and bruises from rocks that the residents were throwing at her. She finally reached a small forest where she sat down, covered in dirt and tears. She gathered her thoughts for a moment, even questioning why she had to be born as a descendant of a god.
  She suddenly heard a voice that she knew was calling out to her. She looked around to figure out who it was, and she then saw a little old lady emerge from the back of a tree. Sanae recognized her as Hibachi, an inn keeper at her old town. Sanae always called her Lady Hibachi out of respect, but she insisted on being called Granny. "Run to the shrine a few miles ahead", she began to say, "for you will be safe there". Without a word, Sanae stood up and bowed in agreement, but also as if to say "thank you" and "I'm sorry".
  After a few hours of running, Sanae, exhausted, finally reached the shrine. She was very polite for and 10 year old, so she knocked on the door very gently and realized it was already open. After waiting a moment, she walked in, only to find an empty entryway. She decided to walk around to she what she could find. Sanae then found a door that led to a beautiful garden filled with Spider Lilies and Tulips. She even found a large emblem emblazoned with a snake and a frog. Completely unaware of her surroundings, she stared at the emblem for a while. She then heard someone walking in the house, and started to panic. How could she have gone in without permission, she thought? She decided to run for the entrance and saw a woman standing beside the Spider Lilies. She looked at Sanae for a moment and smiled. She was beautiful, as her hair was like cobalt and her dress like the flowers. "Now who might you be, little one?", the woman asked. 
  "S-Sanae Kochiya ms," she answered as she bowed slowly.
  " Kochiya means eastern wind valley. A lovely name."
  "Wh-Who are you ms.?"
  "... Kanako. Kanako Yasaka. It's a pleasure to meet you."
  "Yes, m-me too... Um, I'm sorry for intruding. It's just that Lady Hibachi told me to come here and I was wondering if  anyone was here."
  "Um... yes."
  "I see. I've known her for a very long time. She told me that I should expect a visitor."
  "I was driven out of my village because of my powers".

Sanae stood up and crafted a small ball of energy that took the form of win whirring in her hands.

  "Amazing... may I ask how you acquired these powers?"
  "I was told that it's because I am a descendant of a god, Suwako Moriya."
  "Yes. My family has worshiped her for generations because of our lineage. But they were all scared of my powers..."
  "Sanae... I must tell you something."
  "Why don't you let me explain things?"

Upon hearing the strange voice, Sanae leaped up in shock. She darted around trying to see who it was that spoke.

  "*Sigh*. You can come out now. I was about to introduce you anyway," Kanako said.
  "Okay then."

As Sanae turned, around, a bright flash of light formed in front of her. As it dissipated, she noticed a girl who looked like she was between Sanae and Kanako's ages. She wore a white and dark purple robe and wore a hat with eyes on it.

  "Wh-Who are you?" Sanae asked.
  "Don't you know? I thought your family worshiped me," the strange girl said.
  "I am Suwako Moriya, goddess of the Moriya Shrine and master over earth".

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