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    About lives in PCB...

    November 22, 2010 by Inuinu

    SO, I start off with two lives. I tought this was normal, but then I realized that on the options page it was marked to start with three lives (and it says that the default is to start with three lives too). I play with Marisa, but I tried with Reimu and Sakuya and it's all the same. So i put it to start with four lives, and in the gane I start with three lives. Also, in the Gameplay page of the game it says that I should start with three lives, but in the General Stratege it says that I start with two. Um, I'm a little confused xD Does this happen to anyone else? Maybe is just a mistake in translation? Thank you in advance.

    PD: Also, I noticed that the wiki has moved...actually I wanted to make this post in the new site, but I didn't find …

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