Once again, the background has been changed.

Unlike before when we weren't sure what would change and when Raw4water graciously changed some of the other garish changes that were left behind when we went to a dark background, I went back through his list and tried to make it a little easier for everyone this time around.

The template Navbox styles was created for the navboxes. While this one doesn't go through the css sheets, I made it so every template is connected to one another through this. All you have to do is change the colors inside there and they should go out through the rest of them.

Most of the others, I believe, are now changed through the css and mostly correlate to wikitable colors.

Template:Navbox styles
Template:Infobox Music

**Change with wikitable**
Template:Infobox/Profile Quote
high score-nav

**Change with forumheader **
Infobox Touhou

High Scores

For anyone wanting to fiddle around with that colors, here they are

main back color

To play with the colors, you can use this.

If you have any problems with the skin or see any weird colors that didn't seem to change, point them out so we can change them. --     Imanie     Talk     04:19, January 3, 2012 (UTC)

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