• Iluvaniki

    Masochist Tenshi

    July 12, 2010 by Iluvaniki

    In Touhou fannon, due to the fact that Tenshi Hinanai said some...odd things during SWR lead many people to believe that she is a masochist. There are even a couple IOSYS songs about it. Personally I prefer nonmasochist Tenshi. But the fandom has a way of using Tenshi's "masochism" in a most hilarious way. Seeing a Touhou comic where somebody is about to get beaten up by Reimu, Marisa, or whoever, and then Tenshi randomly appearing in the scene makes something very funny if done correctly. However, an overuse of this is actually quite irritating and I find myself thinking, "I know Tenshi being a masochist is fun and all, but don't hese people think that their over doing it a litte....?" But this is just my personal opinion.

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