Made an account just to post this.

I just would like to say that there are lots of misleading reports(Sankaku Complex for example. I finally understood why everybody hates that site) about the new guidelines and people are thinking that ZUN suddenly became a dictator. I'll just mention 2 points that are making the blood of some people boil:

1)ZUN didn't ban selling games to foreigners. If you go to Akihabara(or Reitaisai next month) you can still buy as much as you want. If you are a foreigner and live in Japan you can even make and sell your games as long as you follow the guidelines. Services like Steam or DLsite are the ones got banned(see original post). You can, however, distribute your game online for free in any way you want(see official FAQ). His argument is that the use of those services are not conventional doujin material distribution methods(events such as Reitaisai, Comike or Won-Fest or doujin specialist stores like Tora no ana or D-stage). This is my own interpretation, but I believe that since those services also sell commercial products from registered companies, it would allow some bad company toy make a Touhou game, claim it as a doujin when it's actually a commercial product. Between us, as a foreigner in Japan who buys all the official games, several derivative and has all the Yukari GKs and figures I would lose my faith on humanity if ZUN said: No, you can't buy my stuff anymore, now gtfo.

2)ZUN only banned erotic content for commercial products coming from registered companies(so forget about getting a nude Reimu from Alter or an 3D erogame from Illusion). If it's a doujin product you can have as much ero as you want as long it's not excessive(like guro or animal sex).

Translation of the new guidelines Sentences in this format(*.....) are extra info I added to make it easier to understand.

○同人活動での利用について About doujin(non-profit, hobbie products by individuals or circles) activities

 基本的に今までのガイドラインを踏襲してください。 Basically just follow the old guidelines(*i.e. nothing has changed, at least for the doujin most of us are used to)  詳しい内容は、以前の回答をまとめていただいたページがありますので、そちらを参考にしてください。 For more info, reffer to the FAQ bellow (*I removed the link because the anti-spam filter wasn't allowing me to post)

 なお、同人作品として発表されたそのものを商業流通に乗せてしまうことは基本的に許可しません。 Commercialization(*read selling outside events or traditional doujin shops) of products that claim to be doujin/indie is forbidden.

 *内容で基本的には個別で許可を出したり公認したりする事はありませんので、創作活動は自己判断、自己責 任でお願いします。 I usually don't give personal permission to each project. The production is up to you. Please be responsible.

○企業グッズでの申請について About commercial goods(*read made by registered companies, for sale in any shop)  企業でグッズを販売する場合は、許可が必要です。 You need permission to sell commercial goods  東方の二次創作や二次使用についての問い合わせについては、  現在友人に受付窓口を協力してもらっています。 In order to discuss your product for a permission please use the forum bellow

 企業の方へはこちらから折り返し連絡をしますので、以下のフォームから問い合わせてください。 I will answer your contact through the forum (I removed the link because the anti-spam filter wasn't allowing me to post)

 *また、企業グッズで性的表現(性的表現のある抱き枕など)のあるものはご遠慮ください。 Please don't make commercial goods with sexual material

○二次創作物の制限について Restrictions for any derivative work  同人・企業とも、次の内容に関連するものについては、現在の所、二次創作を制限させてください。 There are a few points I want to restrict regardless if your product is doujin or commercial  ・アニメーション(※)が主体となる作品の有償での展開 Commercialisation of animation products(anime series, DVDs, videos etc) is not allowed.(MAD videos, music clips, ingame, free anime cutscenes, etc are ok)  ・Xbox360 インディーズゲームでの販売 Xbox360 indies are not allowed  ・AppStore や Androidマーケットでの販売(企業の方は問い合わせしてください) AppStore and Android Market are not allowed(companies may discuss)  ・原作の流通(一般的な同人流通)を越えた形態での販売(海外向けのダウンロード販売等) Commercial distribution beyond the original Touhou products(events and doujin stores) is not allowed. (Direct download online stores(*I believe Steam/Impulse/DLsite/ for foreign countries, is not allowed.) (*I believe importing is fine)  ・その他過剰な性的表現や、特定の個人、団体、人種などを中傷する内容等、こちらで社会通念上著しく不適 応だと判断した場合 Products that contain extreme sexual acts(guro/zoo/pedo?), that point to a particular person, group, etc, or that can be considered inapropriate for the society are not allowed  このガイドラインの発表以前に発表されたもので、これらの内容にあてはまるものについては、公開している 方に判断をお任せします。 If you have a product released before this guideline, please consider the new rules.

If there is demand I can translate the FAQ for doujin products as well.

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