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Me and Touhou

Let's see. First time I hear Touhou was in [this picture][1]. Back there I have no idea what Touhou is.

EDIT : After lingering for a while. At middle school I remember seeing Mystia in animelyric but haven't realize that.


September While lingering through web, I stumbled upon an ice fairy image. Feel attracted, I RIS it and ended up in Touhou Wikia. It turned out her name is Cirno.

Cirno's favorite hobby is freezing a frog instantly, then watching it revive as it thaws in the water.

"... wait, what?" was my reaction after reading that. I read it again and again.


March. Somehow I ended up reading knowyourmeme( more specifically, its Touhou page) where I found UN Owen. "Maybe I should look up Touhou Wikia for more information". Thus I find out about Agatha Christie's Ten Little Indian and start thinking that Touhou is some kind of game inspired by historical stuff.

Reading music page, done. Now her profile. I feel so attracted in Flan. Her strength, her eluding theme, her immense cuteness( and somehow, her relation with Remilia). After that I find in which game Flan belong to and start reading EoSD synopsis. Unsatisfied with just reading it, I read the article about Touhou itself.

And thus, begin my intense searching of Remilia and Flandre in Danbooru.

April. Art class. We have to paint something in a blank T-shirt. Having nothing in my mind, I decided to use Flan's wing as model [*1]. I showed that T-shirt to my best friends. Surprisingly, they recognized those wings. "It was from Bad Apple isn't it? Those Christmas Lamp wings?" they said. As a fan, I don't want them get a wrong impression of Touhou so I explained Touhou to them.

June. One day in library, a best friend of mine( one of the people whom I explained Touhou to) gave me a small plastic bag and told me to open it at home. Later I open it and that gift was very nice. It was a paper craft of chibi Flan in plastic sphere [*2]. After 17 years, someone finally gave me a birthday present.

Well guys, that's pretty much explain what happen between me and Touhou. Thanks for reading.

[*1] If you want to see this, ask me in my talk page and I will post it here.
[*2] This one is a treasure of mine so I'm afraid I can't share it here.

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