Name: Flandre Scarlet

Codename: Scarlet Devil

Age: 495, appearance of a 16 year old.

Parents: Unknown, the person who turned her into a vampire is long dead and forgotten

Powers: Immense Destructive Power: Flandre holds raw destructive power in the palms of her hands. Her power has never been thoroughly explained, though it is show that her power activates on a basis of excitement. Over the years, the Scarlet Devil has been known to level cities, topple mountains, and conquer nations, all in the pursuit of fun. To destroy and object, she moves the "eye" of that object (the place where the tension is at it's peak) into her hand and pours her power into it. When she clenches her fist, whatever she has move the "eye"of into her hand will be destroyed. It seems this method of destruction is ineffective against most humans, since they hold a variety of "eyes" within them.

Note: Her power is currently under powerful sealing, She is unable to use the bulk of it for another 495 years. With her current power, she is able to boil a lake 1/3 the size of Lake Michigan is half an hour, melt the statue of liberty, and destroy a stadium's worth of underpowered humans.

Multicolored Energy: Her raw power is accompanied by several other energies, taking form as a solid color. Each color has a variety of effects and can be used to shoot a highly destructive laser. Their effects are as listed below.

White: Brainwashing. Red: Destruction Blue: Duplication Indigo: Self Healing Yellow: Feeding Green: Energy Conversion Orange: Fire Control Pink: Unknown

Strength: An added benefit of the energies inside her and of her vampiric nature, she has immense physical strength.

Skills: Killing: Flandre doesnt mind killing, and is unfazed by the sight of gore.

Elegance: Flandre has the air of elegance around her, being a former princess.

Manners: Though Flandre can be mean and manipulative, She can be polite.

Personality: Flandre is fun, lonely, and polite. She enjoys nothing other than tea time and destruction.

History: Flandre is the younger sister of Remilia and the "dirty little secret" of Scarlet Devil Mansion. Because of her unstable personality and incredible destructive power, her sister has ordered her not to leave the mansion for nearly 500 years. She knows little about the world outside and ,until the heroines arrived during the appearance of people from the other dimension, she has had no substantive contact with any humans other than Sakuya. She has now been known to sneak out from the mansion to try and "feed". When vampires attack humans, they generally try to take their prey alive so that they can suck its blood afterward, but Flandre has always been fed with cooked dishes, so she doesn't know how to properly attack a human. Whenever she tries to attack a human, she can't control herself and blows them away without leaving a spot of blood. Perhaps she can't tell that her daily meals are made from living humans. Her meals look like such harmless foodstuffs as cake and tea, after all.

Weapons/Equipment: Lævateinn: A large curved staff with spades on both ends that she uses to concentrate and direct her raw power.It shares its name with the wand of Loki, a Norse god known for causing mischief. This wand is used by the fire giant Surt in Ragnarok to burn down the whole world, except for one safe haven. Fitting that Flandre would be wielding a tool of such destructive might.

Loki: A teddy bear whom she has named. She carries it around with her everywhere and holds it as a cherished possession.

Appearance: She has red eyes and short blond hair, which is tied into a single ponytail on her left side. She wears a red dress and vest, with a pink shirt underneath. Also wears a pink mob cap with a red ribbon attached. Her wings appear to be made of iron and prism shards. She carries a matching metal wand with her, which is apparently the mythical Lævateinn. Arranged from her back to the tip of her wings her 8 crystals are presented as follows: White, Blue, Indigo, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green and Light Blue again. Has longer hair than Remilia. for those of like my theme ill put up a remix someone made of it XD :3: i take no credit i merely want to share it. i may upload more links if ya'll like :D.  :3 enjoy enjoy :D ^.-

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