Ciao, good day, hello, ... whatever... ^^;; It has been a long time since I visited this site again.

Let's get straight into the problem. So, do you love reading Touhou doujinshi? Do you want more Touhou doujinshi? ... Is that a 'yes'? ^^

Then please visit this site and browse through it. You will be able to find a pile of Touhou doujinshi, ready to be edited, reserved, or even waiting for translation. If you want to look by titles, then please click the link to Potential Comics (wiki) from this site. Ironically, you'll find more 'waiting for translations' doujinshi, so please, please, help us! If you can do Japanese, please help translating more Touhou doujinshi, since we are lacking of translator here, but there are many editors waiting for translation.

By the way... if you're a skillful editor, then use your skill to edit DEMOUR402's doujinshi, [Once Upon a Time in China]. I saw it ready to be edited, but yeah, I saw many pages which needs redraw or clone techniques. But yeah, translator is the 1st problem here. I will be waiting to see you there, then... :)

Go, go, go! For the sake of justi... Touhou doujinshi!

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