Hi, this is me again! But this time, I am not going to post about my troubles, or my friend (trouble = friend) again, since thanks to VS3025, I've managed to handle my Touhou-related troubles! This time, I am here to comment a Touhou game~

Is there anyone who play the Touhoumon games? Just for your reference, click here. As for the version I am commenting on, it's Touhoumon World Link or this.

When I played it first time, I was surprised to hear 'Boneka' which represents or exchanges the word for Pokemon or Touhoumon. Well, literally, Boneka means doll in Indonesian. But this alone doesn't make me surprised. What's more funny for me, is when I fought a trainer battle! I have ever played Pokemon game series before, so I remember that I should have been fighting with a Youngster Calvin or whoever he is in that route. But surprisingly, it's not Youngster, but it's Anak Muda! (Anak Muda means Youngster in Indonesian, too). Well, a bit funny to read it there for me, lol. I am used to use or read English in games, so this is so funny! But the game hacker or maker doesn't leave me alone. Again, in the area where I supposed to fight with a team of syndicate or organization like Team Magma or Aqua... guess the team name.... Team Kodok! Literally, kodok is frog! I don't know how did the idea come from, but well... I like it! It's funny!

So I am going to play more in order to find some funny things and surprises there again! ... I guess the game hacker a.k.a maker is an Indonesian, perhaps? Well, sorry if I commented too much about this, I just want to share about it with everyone... So well, you gotta play the game, if you like Pokemon game series, by the way!

See you all again~ I am going to post more and also doing some proper edits in this wikia when my net connection gets all better. Forgive me for my mistakes, etc! Have a good day.

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