After my first post and a few editing, I guess I should ask about this now... So yeah, I got a few troubles over Touhou games now, and you must expect to read them. Trouble is a friend of mine~ Anyway, hope I can find the solutions here!

1. Touhou Scarlet Weather Rhapsody : In the profile section, when I clicked for example desk config and then I should choose between, normally, profile 1 or profile 2, right? But both of them were empty and when I clicked it, the game became error. When I tried to create new profile, too, it went error. The components of the game in the Profile folder were only Profile.txt, profile1p.dat and profile2p.dat, right? And is it really important? Uh, well, help me... >x<

2. Touhou Sky Arena : I downloaded the .rar file and then I extracted it, but all I got were only .mds and .mdf file. My MagicISO and DVDFab can't mount it... how to install it now?

3. Touhou Pocket War : It failed to be installed and so, when I was about to choose 3 people, the 2nd and the 3rd one must be the same, always and always.... Not so important, though, since I might not play this one too often.

Well then, that's all... I guess I should read the rules etc in wikia so I can add or edit some pages that I can and that I think is necessary. Okay, then! See you all again ^^

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