• Flandremilia Scarlet

    Ciao, good day, hello, ... whatever... ^^;; It has been a long time since I visited this site again.

    Let's get straight into the problem. So, do you love reading Touhou doujinshi? Do you want more Touhou doujinshi? ... Is that a 'yes'? ^^

    Then please visit this site and browse through it. You will be able to find a pile of Touhou doujinshi, ready to be edited, reserved, or even waiting for translation. If you want to look by titles, then please click the link to Potential Comics (wiki) from this site. Ironically, you'll find more 'waiting for translations' doujinshi, so please, please, help us! If you can do Japanese, please help translating more Touhou doujinshi, since we are lacking of translator here, but there are many editors waiting for t…

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  • Flandremilia Scarlet

    Hi, this is me again! But this time, I am not going to post about my troubles, or my friend (trouble = friend) again, since thanks to VS3025, I've managed to handle my Touhou-related troubles! This time, I am here to comment a Touhou game~

    Is there anyone who play the Touhoumon games? Just for your reference, click here. As for the version I am commenting on, it's Touhoumon World Link or this.

    When I played it first time, I was surprised to hear 'Boneka' which represents or exchanges the word for Pokemon or Touhoumon. Well, literally, Boneka means doll in Indonesian. But this alone doesn't make me surprised. What's more funny for me, is when I fought a trainer battle! I have ever played Pokemon game series before, so I remember that I should…

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  • Flandremilia Scarlet

    After my first post and a few editing, I guess I should ask about this now... So yeah, I got a few troubles over Touhou games now, and you must expect to read them. Trouble is a friend of mine~ Anyway, hope I can find the solutions here!

    1. Touhou Scarlet Weather Rhapsody : In the profile section, when I clicked for example desk config and then I should choose between, normally, profile 1 or profile 2, right? But both of them were empty and when I clicked it, the game became error. When I tried to create new profile, too, it went error. The components of the game in the Profile folder were only Profile.txt, profile1p.dat and profile2p.dat, right? And is it really important? Uh, well, help me... >x<

    2. Touhou Sky Arena : I downloaded the .rar …

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  • Flandremilia Scarlet


    August 8, 2011 by Flandremilia Scarlet

    Hi everyone!

    I am a new member here, my username is Flandremilia Scarlet, as you all can see ^^. Since I am new in both Wikia and Touhou, I hope to get your helps and please take care of me! More information about me could be read from my profile, thank you!

    And since this is my first blog post, I think it's not good for me to ask something Touhou-related that became my problems... ^^;; Trouble is a friend of mine, yeah, lol....

    Okay then, see ya!

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