Flandre Utsuho

aka Flandre Scarlet

  • I live in Gensokyo, Japan
  • My occupation is Killing little humans
  • I am a Female vampire (not native to Gensokyo)
  • Flandre Utsuho

    Ok, before I type my story, I KNOW that you all have herd of Eirin, right? Well... this is a story that I made all about her life. (WARNING: There might be some typos and at some points the plot might not make sence [sorry] ENJOY!)

    The Gensokyo Millennium

    Chapter One: The Beginning of the Millennium to come There I stood, gazing at the moon as its light was reflected just below my feet, thinking about what medicine I shall make tomorrow. I’ve already created so many different medicines like the Hourai Elixir, which will make whomever who drinks upon it, immortal. I can’t think of any new ideas. Maybe if I was just a normal human being that has been on Earth and in Gensokyo for all my life, just maybe I would have an idea, but instead I have…

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