Hey guys David47295 here!. Really this is just an intro to myself and I'll talk about Touhou 13.5 as well. I wanted to change the title of my post but apparently I don't have permission to change the title of my own blog. =/ Anyways the reason I joined Touhou Wiki was to help revive some of the dead links in the comics section. Most or pretty much all of them were dead since the links were ancient. The format of the Mediafire links were from the early 2000's easily. Anyways I decided to download a torrent with a bunch of comics and I'm trying to upload all of them to Mediafire and revive the links. If anyone has any suggestions for comics that you want me to ipload I'll try and find them. =D Anyways thoughts on Touhou 13.5: Hopeless Masquerade... Not sure. I mean I have played Hisoutensoku and SWR and they were great games. 13.5 looks like it's going to have an automatic fly function. It looks like you no longer need to press a button to fly. Characters well they're cool. I've only seen Reimu, Marisa, and I think Sakuya. Anyways since I'm in NA I can't really get the game so I havce to resort to torrents. Anyways I'm done for now. Peace.


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