Yeah, I know it's a little late and it would be about a week before the movie is released in the US. Hopefully this would spark off some new discussions... ^^ This movie is about a post-Apollo 17 flight that was supposed to be cancelled, yet still commissioned without the knowledge of the public.
The trailer certainly drew me in, well of course the conspiracies behind NASA and why we stopped going to the moon and all...
Certainly the 'Apollo 18' took place in late-1972, but the astronauts had no idea what their mission really was.
Well, the Department of Defense and NASA kept them at bay...

Alright, back to how it we can relate this to Touhou:
So, only the Lunarians know the real cause of the damage made to Apollo 13, while it was reported that an oxygen tank had burst or something.
1) In Silent Sinner in Blue (yes, I have the books, not the scanlations), the three fairies (namely Sunny Milk, Luna Child and Star Sapphire) were mentioned in Chapter 1, page 19, playing with the American flag that was planted on the moon.
Now this may relate to the missing flag that was planted by the A18 guys...
2) SSiB Chapter 6 page 147: Yes, the luna buggy looks American, but the rubble in the next page seems to tell a different story. (Please don't spoil this by hurling some negative feedbacks, please, this is for fun! I hope you would do the same by giving some theories or think out some stories! D:)
The Apollo 18 ppl found Soviet remains during their curious explorations despite protests from Command (I believe). First, a Cosmonaut's helmet with an almost shattered visor (if you play Halo: Reach I believe you know how it may look like), then a Soviet luna module, with blood in it. The rest is cut from the trailer.
3) Parasatic lifeforms. One of the astronauts was infected with something mysterious.
Don't ask me, its not the Flood (okay CoD/Crysis/GoW fanboys, take it easy, 'kay? ゆっくりしていってね!), but from what I saw it resembles the parasite from Crysis (although I don't play). Was some Lunarian genius (Eirin) behind it to deter humans from discovering the city?
I hate to say this but Yukari always seem suspicious...

Well, post whatever comments here... as long as you play along! :D

PS: I don't live in North America. If you want a hint, please do listen to Touhou Wiki Podcast 15. ^^

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