I have been trying to 1cc Undefined Fantastic Object on normal. Those damn curvy lasers always stop me.

One night, I was quite bored, so I decided to try again. My fingers twitched in anticipation.

Nazrin is a piece of cake. I considered her free life pieces.

Kogasa was quite a bugga. I didn't expect to lose a life and a bomb. That stupid rainy spell.

Ichirin was just fine, other than losing a life.

Murasa. I have to say that was the best time I've ever battled with Murasa. Only 1 life down the drown.

Shou. !@$#!^$@#!%$@#!$@. I lost 3 miserable lives. That was the worst time I've had with Shou.

Finally, I reach the last stage. I had 2 lives (gained 1 more from UFOs). Then I realised, "When I tried to 1cc UFO last time, I had 5 lives for Byakuren and lost. There's no way I can win this time."

The first nonspell was easy. But her spellcard wasn't. That purple omen... I had to bomb it. Great, no more bombs left. "Oh no, I'm going to die" I thought. I got through her second nonspell and spell just fine though. But the third nonspell, I died. For her stupid curvy laser spell, I used one bomb. Now, the nonspell where she she goes in circles, that's just absolute bs so I bombed it.

Oh no, no bombs left.

To my bloody surprise, I captured 'Devil Recitation' spell. I gasped when I did that.

St. Nikou's scroll... I was so close to beating it, then I died.

Finally, her final spell. One life, two bombs. After half of her lifebar, I finally died. Then no lifes, 3 bombs.

When I had three lives left last time I did this spellcard, I lost all of them and died. This spellcard was crap. My stomach was heavy, my hands were shaking and my heart was beating so fast.

I cried after that.

I lost.

Just kidding.

I took out her whole lifebar with one bomb remaining.

My hands were still shaking and my head was throbbing. I beat Byakuren on normal mode. UFO is a very hard game. The moment she exploded, my eyes widened.

I went pretty crazy after that. I was saying under my breath, "OH MY GOD, I KILLED BYAKUREN". It wasn't that funny. I stomach was still down. I still had Nue to kill. Although, beating UFO is quite an achievement.

Even though I beat her, I still felt like it wasn't over yet.


Well, I want it to be over. But repetitively watching ultra mode Byakuren isn't helping.

Nor is playing Subterranean Animism over and over again.

Damn you Utsuho. In fact, Damn you Orin. IN FACT, DAMN YOU SATORI. IN REAL FACT, YUUGI IS SO HARD.

It's not over yet.

Touhou is hazardous.

--MerryChristmas ~ (talk/cont) 11:02, December 18, 2011 (UTC)

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