Touhou Yuhanzai (lit. Ghost Crimes) Poltergeist Records

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One average day in Gensokyo, shops are suddenly being robbed and people from the Human Village are being brutally murdered. Reimu Hakurei the Shrine Maiden fears that her donation box will get stolen. Marisa Kirisame is worried about murderers entering her house.

The heroine heads out and their instincts tells them to head 'that way'. 'That way' leads them to a small, bashed building. Here, they meet an old friend, Kana Anaberal. Kana is defeated and the heroine heads on. They then encounter the Prismriver Sisters once again. They are also easily defeated and the heroine sees a suspicious mansion in the meadows. On the way to the mountain, a girl prevents them from going any further. It turns out that the girl was Iyahime Yatogenko. Iyahime was apparently a goddess's daughter and won't allow the heroine into their mansion. However, Iyahime was defeated and granted access to the heroine. The heroine heads into the mansion kitchen, where an annoyed Hakumyou Yatogenko is. Hakumyou is angry that an intruder was let in. He attacks the heroine, but fails miserably and forced to let the heroine continue. After, the heroine is welcomed by a lady named Misaka Amigo (just a poltergeist) and says that her master is not to be disturbed. The heroine attacks Misaka anyway and is triumphant. The heroine finally makes it to the garden of the mansion and meet the goddess, Yatogenko no Mayumi. Mayumi states that she lets poltergeists go free thus the poltergeists commit these horrible crimes. The heroine attacks Mayumi out of anger and Mayumi is defeated. Now Mayumi is forced to supervise the poltergeists.

The heroine wants to learn more and when Mayumi was sleeping, the heroine secretly breaks into the mansion. They go through danmaku then encountered by Iyahime and Hakumyou, who doesn't want anyone disturbed. After those two are defeated, the heroine finds Mayumi's husband, Ueriki Yatogenko. Ueriki heard about the events and seeks revenge. They battle but Ueriki is defeated.

Touhou Mokushiroku (lit. Apocalypse) Phantasmal Destruction

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One day in Gensokyo, a letter was sent to the residents. It said, The world will be destroyed soon... A shocked Reimu wants to find out who is doing this 'prank' and a surprised Marisa isn't going to die sleeping.

The heroine first goes underground because she thought that this was Utsuho Reiuji's doing again. As the first boss, Utsuho states that she wasn't doing anything. Utsuho is defeated and she tells the heroine that there was a Youkai that threatened her a few days ago. Utsuho told the heroine where the youkai was. As the heroine headed for that spot, she saw and battled Rami Ichinose out of boredom. After, she encounters a gatekeeper, Umia no Kaname who mistakes the heroine for a trespasser. Next, the heroine finds a small chamber. She enters to see a lady, Uchuhakai no Nodoko. She threatens the heroine but is defeated. Next, as the heroine heads deeper into the chamber, the heroine meets Uchuhakai no Ryoko, who states that 'That beast must not let be free!'. In interest, the heroine almost kills Ryoko and then sees what is going on. The heroine is surprised to meet Uchuhakai no Fushiko in the deepest part of the chamber. Fushiko states that she hates the world and wants to destroy it, but she was sealed by her sisters before she could even do real damage. Fushiko is defeated and her plan is foiled.

When Marisa heads back to her home/Reimu goes back to her shrine, she is shocked to see Yukari doing trivial things. Out of boredom, they fight each other and Yukari is defeated.

Touhou Torafukkatsu (lit. Tiger Revival) Haunting Mausoleum

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One day, there was a tonne of spiritual power being stolen from the Hakurei Shrine. Reimu wants to see who is stealing and Marisa is just bored.

The heroine first heads off the Forest of Magic. The heroine encounters Alice Margatroid, who tries to shoo them off. Alice is defeated and then the heroine decides to go the Moriya Shrine. On her way, a youkai named Yamisora Kadori attacks the heroine for fun, although she is defeated. Yamisora says that a seal was placed on a mausoleum and Yamisora wants it as she considers it treasure. The heroine goes off and encounters Horoko Torareiji who claims that her sister was sealed by 'bastards'. Horoko does not wish to be interrupted. However, the heroine attacks Horoko and the heroine goes into the mausoleum that Horoko was standing in front of. In the mausoleum, out comes Yui Torareiji to stop the heroine. Yui is almost murdered and escapes to heal. For stage 5, Yui is back already healed perfectly. She is defeated again, though. Finally, at the end of the mausoleum, the heroine spots the 'seal'. The grave read 'Momoko Torareiji'. Before the heroine could do a thing, she is stopped by Areko Torareiji, the master of Horoko and Yui. Areko wants to revive her former servant as she was sealed by youkai. Marisa is dumbfounded, but Reimu realises that she was one of the sealers. Reimu asks if it was Momoko, and Areko says that according to Keine's history book, Ran murdered Momoko. Reimu felt really guilty, sealing an innocent tiger. After Areko realises that Reimu was one of the sealers, Areko attacks Reimu with her greatest strength, attempting to kill her. However, in Marisa's story, they fight for fun. It turns out that Areko and her servants didn't have enough strength to break Yukari's incredible seal so they gathered spiritual strength to be able to break it.

In the end, the seal was cleared. Momoko's soul was free and happy. The heroine fought with Momoko to see how strong she was. Momoko was powerful, but still defeated. The heroine reports to Yukari that Ran was the true murderer, but Yukari let Ran off because the statue of limitations of that case of was over.

Touhou Hikori (lit. Fire-Ice) Elemental War

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One day in Gensokyo, everyday, it was going from cold to hot, cold to hot. Reimu thinks this is super suspicious and Marisa is sick of the weather change.

The heroine goes on a subterranean trip, since Utsuho controls the nuclear systems. Utsuho is once again the first boss an is ultimately defeated. Utsuho claims that she has 'nothing' to do with it. The heroine next goes to the Misty Lake, thinking it was Cirno's doing. Although when Cirno is defeated, nothing changes. The heroine moves to the Scarlet Devil Mansion, but before she reaches, she stumbles across a young lady who asks for help. There are 4 peopole fighting in the Bamboo Forest of the Lost and the lady almost died from the heat and cold. The heroine first attacks the lady and then moves to the forest. While heading for the forest, the heroine is surprised to run into Aya Shameimaru, who is looking for news. Aya is defeated. For the final boss, Himuaka no Tsukiko and Fujiwara no Mokou are battling Satoko Yukinabu and Letty Whiterock. Tsukiko and Satoko run away, leaving Mokou and Letty to fight the heroine. The heroine is triumphant. It turns out they were battling to see which element is better.

After, the heroine continues into the forest again and sees Tsukiko and Satoko. They battle eachother and like always, the heroine wins. (it's almost unfair)

Touhou Henmono (lit. Strange Things) Disastrous Hearts

In this story, all fan-made characters are involved.
Thanks to Alanomega for suggesting this idea
Note: This story isn't the GAME story, it's just the prologue

Fushiko heard about Momoko's revival. Learning about Momoko's grudge against Ran, Fushiko thought that Momoko might assist her with the world apocalypse. While Fushiko talked to Momoko, Mikaru eavesdropped and then reported to Bishamonten. Fuko new something wasn't right about Gensokyo and used her ability to sense any situation to find out. Ana saw everyone panicking so she tried to cheer them up... with terrible murders. Tsukiko and Satoko seeked Mokou and Letty's assistance. Shingetsu panicked horribly and places 564562 seals on her world gate. Miku didn't panic, she was immortal anyway. After what happened to Mayumi, she started caring for things, Mayumi somehow got involved.

Things weren't getting any better. Fushiko had teamed up with Momoko and Ana, while the others planned to stop Fushiko.


Touhou Kensanashuu (lit. Early Sword Curse) Enigmatic Cursed Katana

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Credit goes to this person

One day, there were plenty of people being cursed. The heroine was desperate to know why and went out.

The heroine first explored an old temple full of curses. She encounters a lady named Mio Hirasawa who is defeated. Next she finds Hina Kagiyama who is also quickly defeated. Next, the heroine encounters Sanae Kochiya, a shrine maiden who claims that someone stole something from her shrine. After the heroine beats her, Sanae states that the item stolen was a curse sword. Next, the heroine goes in a spot behind the Moriya shrine. She encounters Rumia, except Rumia is somewhat stronger. Still, Rumia is defeated anyway. Rumia tells the heroine that someone is cursing others. The heroine goes on and encounters Cirno. Although Cirno is still defeated, Cirno asks to defeat her friend for her because her friend has become so powerful she's cursing everyone and the cursed people are forgetting about her. The heroine goes to meet this 'friend' of Cirno. The heroine makes it to the lake of the Moriya Shrine and Ryuumi Shuuken comes out. Ryuumi claims that everyone is forgetting about her and curses everyone for revenge. To make Ryuumi pay, the heroine battles with Ryuumi and is triumphant.

Ryuumi is forgiven and Ryuumi asks the heroine to do a favour. To kill Yuyuko Saigyouji. Yuyuko is Ryuumi's enemy. So the heroine pays a visit to Hakugyokurou but Youmu attempts to stop the heroine from going any further but fails. The heroine then encounters Yuyuko. She attempts to kill her, but Yuyuko is immortal ergo she is still alive after a fierce battle.

Touhou Shiratenmami (lit. Very Beautiful White Heaven) Heavenly Sealed=

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One day in Gensokyo, the population seemed to have dropped by 500. This is definately strange and the heroine went to see what was going on.

The first person the heroine sees is either Reimu or Marisa depending on who you're using. The heroine goes easy on one of them and the heroine wins. Next, the heroine notices that there is a huge bound of light coming from the netherworld. The heroine heads for there, but is stopped by a furious Mima. Mima says that she is heading for the netherworld to stop 'her enemy's' resurrection. This catches the heroine's interest but defeats Mima first. Then the heroine gets closer to the border of the netherworld. However, Sariel interrups the process but Sariel is somewhat weaker than usual. Next, defending the netherworld is the Prismriver Sisters who are defeated easily. After entering the netherworld, a scared Youmu tells the heroine that Yuyuko is unconscious. The heroine found this strange but attacks Youmu anyway. Next for the final stage, a lady named Miyumuko Shirakayoku who misses her daughter, Kanari. She gathered 500 people to revive her. As a result, because the heroine defeated Miyumuko, the resurrection failed.

As the heroine was exiting the netherworld, an awakened Yuyuko was mad because of people who almost killed her. In anger, Yuyuko battles with the heroine but fails. The heroine goes home.

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